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Road map in French of the island of Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.Map of the city of Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.


Administrative map of Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.Map of centers of interest. Click to enlarge the image.The island of Rhodes is situated in the middle of a sea turquoise forever between Crete and the Middle East. It offers its visitors a varied coastline with wonderful beaches of rocks or sand (the most beautiful of the Aegean), beautiful relics of the past and the famous Valley of the Butterflies . The interior houses authentic mountain villages and fertile plains.

Tourist Map of Rhodes Island. Click to enlarge the image.The city of Rhodes has an excellent tourist infrastructure and offers a wide variety of entertainment such as nightlife, various sports and cultural events. A walk through the city you will travel through 15 centuries of civilization.

Tourist informationTourist information

Information Useful Information
Road Map of Rhodes Island. Click to enlarge the image.Official website of Rhodes

Greek Tourist Office (EOT):

Tourist City:

  • Place of Rimini
  • Phone: 00 30 22410 20555
  • Hours: June-October, 9 am to 20 pm

Tourist Police:

  • 1 rue Karpathou
  • Phone: 00 30 22410 23329

Post Office:

  • Place Eleftherias
  • Phone: 00 30 22410 22212
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, from 7 h 30 to 20 pm, Saturday from 7 h 30 to 14 h.


  • 91 rue Amerikis
  • Phone: 00 30 22410 596 29

Police: 00 30 22410 23278

City Hall: 00 30 22410 46200

Hospital: 00 30 22410 80000/22222

Tourist Map of Rhodes Island. Click to enlarge the image.Mediterranean climate windy.

Wind speeds. Click to enlarge the image.The climate is Mediterranean with mild winters. Subtropical summers, warm are refreshed by a system of seasonal breezes popularly known as "meltemia."

The mountains of the continent Rhodes harbor winds northeast.

Average temperatures on the island of Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.Average temperatures: winter 5/6 ° C was 24/27 ° C.

Average temperatures on the island of Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.

Climate of Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.Climate of Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.Sunshine: Rhodes Island is the sunniest in Europe, with 300 days of sunshine per year.

The summer is dry, rain falls mainly during November, December, February and March.

Meteorology Weather
Weather in Rhodes now
Time difference Time difference
Time zone: UTC +2.

Time difference: + 1 hour.

Currency is the euro (€ "evro") per hundred took the name of "lepta" Greek.

Credit cards are increasingly used in stores, service stations and distributors.

Electricity Electricity
The imageThe image Voltage: 220 volts.

Jacks are compatible with French companies.

Code of the island: 00 30 22410

Instructions to call from Rhodes or Rhodes

Planes Had
Airport. Click to enlarge the image.Airport of Rhodes Island. Click to enlarge the image.Special flights to Rhodes from Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse, Marseille and Mulhouse.

Several daily flights from Athens interiors, with links Iraklion in Crete, Kastelorizo, Kos, Karpathos, Mykonos, Mytilene, Paros, Santorini and Thessaloniki.


Olympic Airways:

  • Address: street-Ierou Rochou
  • Phone: 00 30 22410 24555

Aegean Airlines:

  • Address: 20 rue Ethelonton-Dodekanision
  • Phone: 00 30 22410 24400
  • Phone Rhodes airport: 00 30 22410 98345
Ferries Ferries
Tourist Map of Rhodes Island. Click to enlarge the image.Can reach the island by ferry from Piraeus (20 hour crossing), via the Cyclades or via Patmos and Kos.

Connections with the islands of the Dodecanese by hydrofoil.

Excursions to Symi .

Captaincy: 00 30 22410 286 66/222 20

Ferries from Rhodes Island. Click to enlarge the image.

Road haulage Road haulage
Map buses Rhodes Island. Click to enlarge the image.Road Map of Rhodes Island. Click to enlarge the image.A Rhodes are two bus companies linking regularly Rhodes town to other towns. Buses serve most locations along the coast.

A detailed schedule of services is displayed on most information panels in hotels. They normally circulate from 7 am to 23 pm.

Company to the west coast

Company for the east coast:

  • Phone: 00 30 22410 277 06
We often hear the phrase "Endaxi?"(Εντάξει): it means" Ok! okay ".

At the restaurant, the Greeks considered impolite to sit at a table - even free - without having been invited.

Photography: Most Greeks love to be photographed. Nevertheless, it must first obtain their consent by a nod or a smile.

Formalities Formalities
For nationals of the European Union, identity card or passport validity.

For unaccompanied minors both parents must an authorization to leave the country (issued Mairie).

Calendar Holiday Calendar
  • January 6: Epiphany (Theofania).
    Spectacular ceremony of the blessing of waters following a procession of young men dive into the sea to retrieve the cross thrown by the pope.
  • February-March: Carnival in the medieval city.
  • 7 March: Celebration of attachment of the Dodecanese to Greece by the Treaty of Lausanne.
  • March 25: Celebration of Greek Independence. Greece releases Ottoman rule March 25, 1821.
  • April: Greek Easter. During Holy Week the country is idling. Many including the spectacular processions of Epitafios.
  • May 1: Labour Day; flower festival.
  • May: Ascension and Pentecost Monday is a public holiday.
  • June 24: Summer Solstice and fires of St. John.
  • July 20: Feast of the Prophet Elijah (Profitis Ilias) and all the churches dedicated to him.
  • 29 and 30 July: Feast of Aghios Soulas church of Kremasti .
  • August 14: Feast religious Kremasti , regional dances and exhibition of folk art.
  • August 15: Feast of the Dormition (Kimissis) and not of the Virgin of the Assumption.
  • End of August: Wine Festival in Park Rodini .
  • September 7: celebration Tsambikas monastery .
  • 13 and 14 September: Day of the Holy Cross, celebrated Apollona and Kalithies .
  • October 28: National Day of Victory of 1940. In 1936, after a coup d’état, Metaxas established a dictatorship. October 28, 1940, he refused the ultimatum of Italy which required the surrender of Greece. This is the day of the "great refusal" (megalo Ochi). Military journals, school parades and balls.
  • November 14: the Bishops of Saint Konstantinos Dodecanese celebrate together Ideos protector of Rhodes. All cities, villages, churches, monasteries celebrate annually the patron saint of the place, a pretext for various festivities.
Administrative information
Road Map of Rhodes Island. Click to enlarge the image.Map of Latin and Greek Island of Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.
Rhodes (Greek Rhodos) is an island belonging to Greece (Dodecanese prefecture).

The capital is the city of Rhodes, in the north of the island.

There are fifty-eight villages.

Administrative division of the island of Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.The island is divided into ten municipalities (δήμος)

  • (1) The municipality of Rhodes: Rhodes(Ρόδος)

  • (2) The common Ialyssos Filerimos(Φιλέρημος),Ialyssos(Ιαλυσός),Ixia(Ιξιά), Tris (Τρις)

  • (3) The municipality of Kallithea

  • (4) The common Petaloudes: Damatria Pastida (Παστίδα)Petaloudes(Πεταλούδες)Theologos(Θεολόγος)

  • (5) The common Afandou Afandou(Αφάντου)Archipolis(Αρχίπολης)Kolympia(Κολύμπια)

  • (6) The common Kamiros Agios Soulias, Apollona(Απόλλωνα) Dimylia (Διμυλιά)Eleoussa(Ελεούσα) tops (Φάνες) Fountoukli (Φουντουκλή) Kalavarda (Καλαβάρδα)Kamiros(Κάμειρος),Platania(Πλατάνια) , Profitis Ilias(Προφήτης Ηλίας)Salakos(Σάλακος)Soroni(Σορωνή)

  • (7) The common Archangelos Archangelos(Αρχάγγελος)Epta Pigés(Εφτά Πιγές)Charaki(Χαράκι) Malona (Μαλώνας) Massari (Μάσαρη)Tsampika(Τσαμπίκα)

  • (8) The common Atavyros: Agios Isidoros(Αγιος Ισίδωρος)Atavyros(Ατάβυρος)Emponas(Εμπωνας)Kamiros Skala(Κάμειρος Σκάλα)Kritinia(Κρητηνία) Mandriko (Μανδρυκό),Monolithos(Μονόλιθος),Siana ( Σιάνα)

  • (9) The town of Lindos Kalathos(Κάλαθος) Laerma

  • (10) The town of South Rhodes Apolakkia(Απολακκιά) Arnitha (Αρνίθα)Asklipeios(Ασκληπιείο)Gennadi(Γεννάδι) Istrios (Ίστριος)Kattavia(Κατταβια)Kiotari(Κιόταρι)Lachania(Λαχανιά) Messanagros (Μεσαναγρός)Prassonissi(Πρασονήσι) Profylia (Προφύλια) Vati (Βάτι)

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