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The history of Rhodes

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Rhodes is at a crossroads east / west position challenged by an island since the dawn of time.

The island was conquered by the Phoenicians, Cretans, Minoans, Dorians, Romans and the Turks, who have all left deep traces of their presence. Rhodes became the capital of the Byzantine island territories and the point of installation of the Knights of St. John after they were expelled from the Holy Land from 1309. The Knights of St. John are at the origin of the construction of the Medieval City of Rhodes. The island then belonged to the Turks (1523-1912), which Italy took. In 1949, the island is linked to Greece.

Myths Mythology
It all starts, of course, a myth which directly links the golden legend of Rhodes to that of Crete. Rhea, wife of Cronus, the god awful time that devours its children after snatching their son Zeus appetite father says Poseidon, his latest, the Telchines, small gods of fire, came from Crete ’s install Rhodes. They raise Poseidon. It becomes a strong and handsome boy who hastens to the death of his father Cronos, take the trident of the sea gives him Zeus.

True to his childhood memories, Poseidon wife Alia, sister of Telchines, which has six son and a daughter that happy parents give the first name of Rhodes. But when Zeus generously distributes the world, entrusting the sea Poseidon, he simply forgets Apollo busy walking the Sun across the sky. In the evening, when he returned to claim his share of Olympus, Zeus, greatly annoyed, looking in the remains of sharing and proposes Rhodes. One day, visiting his land, meets Apollo Sun Rhoda, pretty nymph.

Chronology Chronology
-2800 To -1000Bronze Age
-1700The Minoans install sanctuaries Rhodes
-1600 To -1150The Mycenaeans occupied Rhodes
-1100Conquest of the Dorians
-1000The Hexapolis Dorian brings together six U.S. cities
-550The tyrant governs Cleobulus Rhodes
-490 To -479The battles of Marathon and Salamis put an end to the Persian war
-478Delos is the head of the maritime league attic, joined by Rhodes
-471 To -411Maritime Confederation of Athens
-431 To -404Athens is ruined by the Peloponnesian Wars. Rhodes allegiance to Sparta
-408City-states united to found the city of Rhodes which became the capital of the island
-334Rhodes was taken by Alexander
-331Foundation of Alexandria, which became a commercial partner for Rhodes
-323 To -180Hellenistic
-305 To -304Poliorketes the besieging Rhodes attack but fails
-304 To -292Chares of Lindos built the Colossus of Rhodes, statue of 40 meters high dedicated to Helios, the sun god
42The Roman Cassius takes Rhodes and plundered
51 ADSt. Paul visited Rhodes
269Rhodes is attacked by the Goths
395-1453Byzantine period
563Saracens take control of Rhodes
To 700The Barbarian Invasions
1,082The Venetians established a trading post at Rhodes
1,261The Genoese rule Rhodes
1309 to 1522Rhodes passed to the Knights of St. John
1,453Beginning of the conquest of Greece by the Turks
1,522Knights of the Order were defeated by the Ottomans
1523 to 1912Turkish occupation
1821 to 1827Greek War of Independence
1911 to 1912Rhodes is linked to Italy by the Treaty of Lausanne
1943 to 1945Fall of Mussolini, the Germans occupied Rhodes
1,947The Dodecanese islands back to Greece
1,967The junta of colonels
1,974End of the junta
1,981Victory of PASOK, Socialist Party
1,990Fall of PASOK
1,993Re-election of PASOK
1996Kostas Simitis, Prime Minister

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