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The village of Faliraki, Rhodes

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Tourist map of Faliraki in Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.The village of Faliraki in Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.Faliraki is a former fishing village has become a tourist resort development extraordinary.

The beaches are well equipped and have the necessary equipment for water sports.

Its sandy beach is one of the largest on the island, and the most equipped of the island, offering all the distractions of vacation, bungee jumping in archery, to a large variety of water sports.

The village of Faliraki in Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.There are souvenir shops, cafés, but especially bars and nightclubs. Its nightlife is very intense.
Anthony Quinn bay near the village of Faliraki in Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image. Just beside is Anthony Quinn bay. The bay is named after the actor who became famous in the movie "The Guns of Navarone", shot in Rhodes , near Lindos .

It is located 3 km from Faliraki beach and 15 km from the city of Rhodes . A tavern fish can eat.

Coordinates: Latitude: 36.323701 (36 ° 19 ’25.3 ") N, Longitude: 28.212376 (28 ° 12’ 44.5") E

Anthony Quinn bay near the village of Faliraki in Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.The small sandy beach of Ladikos offers crystal clear waters and rocky framework, which is one of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes.

Anthony Quinn bay near the village of Faliraki in Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.The place is very popular with Italians and Greeks (especially in August).

Coordinates: Latitude: 36.320277 (36 ° 19 ’12 ") N, Longitude: 28.205101 (28 ° 12’ 18") E

A little further south, halfway Faliraki and Afandou the pebble beach Traganou is embellished on his left impressive caves.

Coordinates: Latitude: 36.308901 (36 ° 18 ’32 ") N, Longitude: 28.192055 (28 ° 11’ 31") E

Nearby, crowning proudly following a mountain peak is lowered almost to the sea, are the ruins of the castle of Erimokastro ("Desert Castle"), cyclopean fortress with large polygonal masonry, of which there remains the entry and part of the fortifications.


Faliraki (Φαληράκι) is located at the southern end of the bay of Kalithea , on the north-eastern part of Rhodes , about 14 km from the city of Rhodes and about 10 km from the airport.

Coordinates: Latitude: 36.314278 (36 ° 18 ’51.4 ") N, Longitude: 28.139817 (28 ° 8’ 23.3") E

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Over the years, Faliraki became the rendezvous of British tourists. In pubs seafront, imported beer flows. Not without cause serious overflows (fights, rape, accidental deaths) and the ire of the Athenian press criticizes French tour operators organize annually by the exodus of "hooligans of Manchester." Behavior soiffards of Her Majesty has even led Scotland Yard to send there thirty of its agents led by Inspector Rhodes (!) to help the local police.

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