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The quinta Gardens do Imperador

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General presentationGeneral information
Quinta Jardins do Imperador is a historical manor located at the top of the hill of Monte. This quinta is one of most emblematic of Madeira.
The property was famous “Quinta Jardins do Imperador” in honor of the Charles emperor 1st


Gardens of the old Belmonte hotel. Cliquer pour agrandir l'image.The quinta do Imperador is located at the locality Pico, in the village of Monte, below the old Belmonte hotel.


Quinta Jardins do Imperador is in the middle of splendid trees and a multicoloured rosery, all this in a landscape of a remarkable romanticism overhanging Funchal.
Blue Agapanthe (Agapanthus umbellatus)
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Malakoff turn and rosery
The Malakoff tower, of a beauty without similar, makes it possible to appreciate the romantic landscape of Monte in Funchal. Close to the tower, a garden of the same name shelters a small fountain and a vast rosery with the bright colors.
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History and traditionsHistory, literature, arts, traditions, legends, religions, myths, symbols…

The quinta was built at the 18th century under the name of Quinta do Monte by James Gordon, who also designed the garden and the Malakoff tower.

It is called also Quinta Cossart in tribute to Britannique Leland Cossart who lived there.

In 1899, it was bought by the banker Luís da Rocha Machado who temporarily lent it in 1921 to the emperor Charles I of Habsbourg, emperor of Austria and 4th king de Hongrie, constrained to leave his fatherland following the collapse of the empire of Habsbourg in 1918. The emperor and his family lived there in exile of November 19th, 1921 until the death of the emperor who succumbed to a pneumonia on April 1st, 1922.

This property was also the residence of other famous characters, like the artist madérienne Lourdes of Castro.

Today, this property belongs to the State, and the gardens of the quinta do Monte were restored.

InformationPractical informations

Quinta Jardins do Imperador has a coffee in the Malakoff tower with fabulous architecture.

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