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The village of Randa in Majorca

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General presentationGeneral presentation
The village of Randa in Mallorca - The cross Randa (author Lisa Marie Sykes). Click to enlarge the image in Flickr (new tab).Randa is a small village, a hundred inhabitants, situated in the plain of Mallorca (Es Pla). Randa is part of the municipality of Algaida in the county of Pla de Mallorca.

Randa is 4 km from Algaida and 32 km from Palma de Mallorca.

The village is best known for the mountain overlooking the village, the Puig de Randa, where three famous shrines.

The Randa Calvary, or Randa Cross (Creu de Randa) is the landmark in the village.

EtymologyEtymology and toponymy
The name Randa comes from the Arabic word "arrenda", which means "laurel".


ChurchThe Church of the Immaculate and Blessed Raymond Lull (Església de la Inmaculada i el Beat Ramon Llull)
The village of Randa in Mallorca - The steeple of the church (author Andreas Weinrich). Click to enlarge the image in Flickr (new tab).The Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception of Blessed Raymond Lull was built in the eighteenth century, from 1765 to 1770 in memory of Raymond Lully, one character closely linked to the land of Randa.

In the entablature, located above the door lintel of the church is a small statue of Ramon Llull, and, above, a rose polychrome glass. On the right of the facade stands a tower of five floors, with a balcony, and topped with a dome.

Inside, the nave is covered with a barrel vault. The altarpiece, late Baroque, contains an effigy of Ramon Llull. The most notable chapel is St. Joseph’s chapel (capella de sant Josep) with a rococo altarpiece due to the patronage of the family Sastre d’Estahacar. Another chapel of artistic interest is the Chapel of Souls (capella de les Ànimes) where you can see the Virgin of Carmel dress richly embroidered. We also note the ancient chapel of the Immaculate Conception, which dates from the sixteenth century.

In the sacristy is preserved a tapestry that once was hung behind the altar, this tapestry shows several scenes from the life of Ramon Llull. The sacristy also presents a portrait of the theologian and religious historian Majorcan Guillem Terrassa i Ponç (1709-1778).

HillThe Randa Massif (Massís de Randa)
The Randa massif is a mountain that stands in the middle of the plain of Mallorca (Pla de Mallorca) and the solid extends over the territories of four municipalities: Algaida north Montuïri northeast, Porreres to east and Llucmajor in the south.

The village of Randa in Mallorca - The Puig de Son Reus and Puig de Randa (author GMA). Click to enlarge the image in Flickr (new tab).The highest point of the massif is the Puig de Randa, which reaches an altitude of 543 m, south of the Mount of Randa is the Puig de Son Reus (501 m), a rocky promontory.

The village of Randa in Mallorca - The serra Galdent in the massive Randa (author Antoni Salvà). Click to enlarge the image.The western mountains of Randa is occupied by the Serra de Galdent, a mountain range that includes the Puig de Galdent (420 m) to the east, the Puig d’en Claret center, and Puig de les Bruixes (Mount of the Witches) to the east. On the slopes of the Puig de Galdent is marés quarries, sandstone de Mallorca, which were used in the Middle Ages to build many religious and civil buildings such as the church of the hermitage of Gràcia.

Between the Serra de Galdent and Puig de Randa pass the road between Llucmajor Algaida.

The village of Randa in Mallorca - The massive Randa (author GMA). Click to enlarge the image.The Puig de Randa rises abruptly above the plain of Mallorca and ends plateau and is visible from all directions and its distinctive shape makes it recognizable from afar. The Mount of Randa is the most known of the Randa massif because of three sanctuaries therein mountain. From the village of Randa, located at the foot of the Mount to 305 meters, a narrow road that winds around 4 km, rises between the Puig de Randa and Puig de Son Reus, passes near the sanctuary of Nostra Senyora de Gràcia and near the shrine of Sant Honorat, and reached the summit where the largest of the three shrines, the shrine of Cura. The Puig de Randa is sometimes called Puig de Cura, nicknamed the La Muntanya dels tres Santuaris (Mountain of the three shrines).

The village of Randa in Mallorca - Randa massif seen from the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador Felanitx. Click to enlarge the image.To the east of the Randa massif, but the town of Porreres, is the Serra de sa Mesquida, the most famous peak of the Serra de sa Mesquida is the Puig de Monti-Sion, where stands the shrine of Monti -Sion or Montesion.

The massif of Randa still has significant vegetation with pine and oak trees and scrub, which is a natural habitat for many plants and animals. The flora includes the Balearic cyclamen (Cyclamen balearicum), the butcher false holly (Ruscus aculeatus), the wild asparagus (Asparagus albus) and in the scrubland, the Balearic wort (Hypericum balearicum), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and marine germander (Teucrium marum) wildlife account hedgehogs and dormice, the barn owl, the hawks, the wrens and warblers. Randa massif was declared a natural area of special interest (Àrea Natural d’Especial Interès, ANEI).

The village of Randa in Mallorca - radome and telecommunication antennas on top of the Puig de Randa. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).The summit offers a spectacular panoramic view of almost the whole of the island of Majorca northwest of the Serra de Tramuntana and the Puig Major, north to the Bay of Alcúdia and Formentor headland, to east to the coves of the east coast, south-west of the bay of Palma de Mallorca, in the south-east to the island of Cabrera. It can take up to 36 towns and villages of the island of Majorca.

The village of Randa in Mallorca - Wildfire at Puig de Randa (author Bielv). Click to enlarge the image in Flickr (new tab).The location of the Mount of Randa made the top excellent position for telecommunications can see a radar dome which is visible from beyond the sanctuary itself (protected by a shell-shaped balloon radar).

The Puig de Randa also used for monitoring against forest fires, such as those that occurred in 2003 and in October 2011.

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