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The town of Vilaflor in Tenerife

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General presentationGeneral presentation
Vilaflor is a village hidden among the pine trees and almond trees.
EtymologyEtymology and toponymy
Legend has it that Vilaflor owes its name to the exclamation of a Castilian before the appearance of a beautiful native “Vi la flor de Chasma” which means "I saw the flower of Chasma."

Vilaflor was formerly known as the Chasma, which was the capital of the vast region of Abona.


Vilaflor is located in the southern part of the island of Tenerife, this is the only city of that part which has no coast. Situated in the mountains, 1400 meters above sea level on the slopes of Circus Las Cañadas, is one of the highest towns throughout Spain.

In the north, the town button La Orotava, to the east, the division with Granadilla de Abona is practically marked by the ravine of Eris, south appear San Miguel and Arona, while to the west the boundary with Adeje is marked the ravine of El Rey.

Vilaflor is at a road distance of 80 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Mount Sombrerito (2 500 m) which dominates the village is the symbol of Vilaflor.


Church The St. Peter the Apostle Church (Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol)
The Church of St. Peter the Apostle was built on an old hermitage dedicated to San Pedro, by Don Pedro Soler and his wife Doña Juana Padilla and related family Soler throughout the years. The church was promoted to the rank of parish church in 1560.

Its gates and its respective pediments are very interesting. She did not turn, although it has a vertical finite shaped belfry. It keeps inside jewels and icons of great artistic value, such as the icon of St. Peter, of varied attribution. Paneling Moorish style.

Manor The house Soler (Casa de Los Soler)
The remains of Soler, founder of the village, was built in the fifteenth century and rebuilt in the eighteenth.
Chapel The hermitage of the monk Pedro
At La Zarza. Monk Pedro de Betancourt, founder of the Order of Bethlehem, was born in Vilaflor. He was canonized in 2002 by Pope John Paul II.
The whole northern part of the town and the portion west of its territory, which is the pinewood of Adeje, is included in the Natural Park of Las Cumbres. This is an area where there is a dense forest of Canarian pine, but also other interesting botanical endemic species and unique wildlife.
It is Lomo Blanco two magnificent examples of Canary Island pine (Pinus canariensis), known under the name of Pino Gordo and Madre del Agua. These old trees respectively measure sixty and seventy meters high with a diameter of 11 meters and 8 meters.
A small part of the area east of the town is included in the protected area of Montaña de Las Coloradas. It includes the volcanic formation of the same name, partially disappeared under erosion, and many land now mostly abandoned, as well as copies of pines and a substitution of vegetation.
The area to the southwest of the town, on the edge of Adeje and the Barranco del Infierno, is of great singularity in terms of landscape and geology, and is home to many plant species endemic fauna and a varied.

KnowledgeHistory, geography, arts, traditions, flora ...

In 1798 Arona and San Miguel separate from Vilaflor of owning their own parishes.
The main economic activity is agriculture, distinguished major potato production, followed far behind by vineyards and fruit, cut flowers and vegetables. It is important to note the area planted with almond trees. It produced good wines, own these high regions, particularly white.

Industrial activity, although very small, is important, especially focused on the bottling of mineral water.

Practical informationPractical information

Hotel El Nogal
Hotel El Nogal is an old family mansion of the eighteenth century, completely restored and decorated with traditional furniture, located south of the island at 1400 meters altitude. Inside were retained its original features, such as its ceiling and wooden floor.

The hotel has a spa center (indoor and outdoor pool, saunas, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, jetted bathtubs, showers with essential oils, care and treatment, massages).

Camino Real, s/n - La Escalona 38614 Tenerife - Vilaflor (Tenerife)

Vilaflor is renowned for its exquisite cuisine and wines.

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