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The town of San Miguel de Abona in Tenerife

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General presentationGeneral presentation
The town of San Miguel de Abona in Tenerife. Crest (author Jerbez). Click to enlarge the image.In the hills above the town of San Miguel, one discovers a orography adorned with a set of volcanic cones that makes the original landscape. Her deep and impressive precipices that arise at the top and lead to the sea, this small cliffs and beaches of pebbles and black sand.


The town of San Miguel de Abona in Tenerife. Village location (author Jerbez). Click to enlarge the image.


Natural Park The Natural Area of Montaña Amarilla
Located on the coast, the natural area of Montaña Amarilla is an interesting example of phreato magmatic volcanism, in other words, a volcanic structure resulting from the existence of a magma chamber which is located in the brackish waters, has warmed shallow aquifer. This subsequently led to an explosive type of eruption that gave birth to a volcanic tuff cone construction called.

Marine erosion has fashioned a cliff that is 30 meters high and can see the internal structure of the volcanic formation. It is also next to the sea a singular example of fossil dune, formed by deposits of sand organogène.

The rock called Roque de Jama is riding on this county and the neighboring municipality of Arona. This is a piton or phonolithe dome that has formed under the surface and which comes to light because of erosion. It is the largest volcanic formation of this type in Tenerife. There are interesting botanical endemic species and it is also a refuge for many birds. This site offers a panoramic view of this part of the island.

Other sites offer many attractions: Montaña Tilena the ravine Orchilla, numerous volcanic cones and lava flows ...

Ancient siteThe Aboriginal sites
many traces we logically find the pre-Hispanic past of this region in different places in the town. It has thus made ​​important discoveries in the same town, in La Aldea, Barranco Orchilla, Barranco de La Tafetena and Barranco del Pilón, in connection with its first inhabitants.

It is found in ravines such as La Tafetana or Uchova a set of burial caves or caves that were inhabited. In the necropolis of Uchova, it has found 74 skeletons.

The prehistoric settlement of the coastal area is no doubt in view of the important site of Guargacho, located 65 m above the level of the sea.

ChurchThe Church of St. Michael the Archangel
The church of San Miguel Arcángel is well worth a visit: composed of a single nave, it was built in the pure religious style of the island of Tenerife. interesting works found there, especially a beautiful painting of Christ.
Attic The attic of La Aldea Blanca
The attic of Aldea Blanca, a relic of the past which he supplied the south of the island, also worth a visit. It is bordered by the only square where we beat the oval grain of Tenerife. See also, the Casa de los Capitanes, close to the shrine of El Calvario.

KnowledgeHistory, geography, arts, traditions, flora ...

Agriculture has been and still is today its main activity, in which stands out the culture of potato, much of which is destined for export, as well as bananas, tomatoes, vegetables and flowers.

The labor force is dedicated although the majority started to work in the service sector, with the slight increase in unusual tourist activity in the coastal zone, which, unlike other nearby municipalities, has not increase its population is concentrated inside, in the municipal capital.

September 29 is a good opportunity to visit the city center, because the inhabitants of the town celebrate the festivities in honor of San Miguel.

Practical informationPractical information

Finca Vista Bonita
The town of San Miguel de Abona in Tenerife. the beach of El Medano near San Miguel de Abona (Canary Tourism Office author). Click to enlarge the image.This complex is built in a style typical of country houses Canary. The 17-room hotel includes a hall for social occasions, a public telephone, Internet access (against fee), a small library and a TV room. A self-service launderette is available (against surcharge). Guests arriving by car can park in the nearby car park. Possibility to rent bicycles to explore the surrounding area.


This charming country house surrounded by orchards is located on the mountainside. It is located in the town of San Miguel, just 500 m from the center. The nearest beach is 10 minutes drive to El Medano, while the National Park Teide is 30 km from the hotel. The airport Reina Sofia is only 10 km.

Address: El Portillo s/n - 38650 - San Miguel de Abona

Phone: 00 34 922 713 078

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