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The town of Tacoronte in Tenerife

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The town of Tacoronte in Tenerife. Village location (Jerbez author). Click to enlarge the image. Tacoronte is located 19 km west of Santa Cruz.

Tacoronte is a town located 510 m north of the island of Tenerife. The altitude of the town ranges from sea level to 800 m.

The southern part of the town, located about 1000 meters is part of the natural park that covers the back of the island. On the coast, the Acantilados del Sauzal y Tacoronte are also a protected area offering a great ecological interest for their flora as for its birdlife.


Church The church Saint Catherine (Iglesia de Santa Catalina)
The town of Tacoronte in Tenerife. St. Catherine Church. Click to enlarge the image.The Saint Catherine church, dedicated to the martyr of Alexandria, is the birthplace of Tacoronte. The church has inherited the name of the former chapel built in the same place at the end of the fifteenth century, the work of the conquistador Don Sebastián Machado. The church’s construction began in the early sixteenth century but it has been transformed over the centuries until the eighteenth century.

The town of Tacoronte in Tenerife. St. Catherine Church. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).Its main facade has two doors, unlike most churches, with arches and gargoyles Canarian pine. The three naves are separated by columns was smooth on a cubic base. The bell tower was built in the late seventeenth by Domingo Rodríguez Rivero and there on the one side a Canarian balcony.

One can admire a Mudejar coffered ceiling.

The town of Tacoronte in Tenerife. Bell Tower, Church of St. Catherine. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).The interior of the church is a museum, especially in terms of pictorial works of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century, including Gaspar de Quevedo. The semi-circular sanctuary baroque altarpiece with twisted columns twisted, with Corinthian capitals, deserves special mention. This is a part of a single body formed in 1774 by brothers Andrés and José Rodríguez Suárez.

In the niche of the altarpiece is the statue of Santa Catalina de Alejandría which dates from the eighteenth, an interesting work in polychrome wood that would be Pedro Duque Cornejo. This is the third image that contained the church. The first carved in stone, still exists. There in the church another statue of the same sculptor, the statue of San Lorenzo.

There is another magnificent baroque altarpiece in the chapel of El Carmen (1688) in the nave to the right where the Virgin of El Carmen de Luján Pérez, carved cedar wood. The sections of this chapel would be of Gaspar de Quevedo. The chapel of La Concepción, on the left of the presbytery, was the front of the church until 1664. You can see on the side wall paints six large oil, among which we must mention Desponsorios de la Virgen de Cristóbal Hernández de Quintana and La Anunciación of Gaspar de Quevedo. There are also other interesting altarpieces like those of El Rosario harmoniously decorated with plants, fruits and cherubs, and the altarpiece of Las Animas and the valuable painting of Las Animas by CH de Quintana. In terms of silverware, the monstrance workshops of Puebla de Los Angeles in Mexico, given by Andrés Alvarez, deserves a special place. See also the tabernacle embossed silver eighteenth century.

The town of Tacoronte in Tenerife. St. Catherine Church. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).The town of Tacoronte in Tenerife. St. Catherine Church. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).The town of Tacoronte in Tenerife. Fontaine. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).
Church The Church of Christ of Sorrows (Iglesia del Cristo de Los Dolores)
This is the place lined with trees El Cristo that be the sanctuary of Christ-church of Sorrows and the former Augustinian monastery fathers which now houses the House of Culture.

From this set built in 1664, we must mention the beautiful facade of the church-sanctuary of Christ of Los Dolores, the patron saint of Tacoronte, with two gargoyles representing fantastic dragons. The work of Domingo Rodríguez Rivero in stone, the door includes coats of arms of Pereyra de Castro, former patrons of the church of Portuguese origin. The praying of the church’s founder, Tomás Pereyra de Castro y Ayala, is in the sanctuary. It was he who brought the island the statue of Christ that one can see in the altarpiece, work splendid seventeenth-century Madrid school of representing Christ crucified but not embracing the Cross.

The church has three naves with large arches in the country stone. Among the gold objects found in the sanctuary, we must mention the altar and the tabernacle siding, beautiful works created in the second half of the eighteenth century by the Canarian Juan Domínguez.

Forest The forest of Madre del Agua
The forest of Madre del Agua in Agua García is one of the most important on this side of the island with an area of two square kilometers. Beside species (Mirica faya) and (Erica arborea), ravines contain thickets of laurel (laurel). This is also where we find the only source of the town and many plant and animal species endemic.

The numerous volcanic cones are also sites of great natural value.

Practical informationPractical information

Los Limoneros
Address: Los Naranjeros E - 38340 Los Naranjeros

Phone: 00 34 922 636 637

Opening periods: Closed Sunday

Set meals - Carte: 45 € / 68 €

Traditional cuisine

conventional plants divided into two separate areas, one reserved for banquets and other meals à la carte. traditional cuisine and extensive wine cellar that can be visited.

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