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The province of Marrakech

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Airport Marrakech Ménara
airport of will Menara. Click to enlarge the image.Located at 6 km of the downtown area, less than 10 minutes of the Medina.

Tel.: + 212 (0) 44 44 78 62

If one wishes to travel by the bus, you should take the line n° 1 whose stop is on the left while leaving the airport, the price of the ticket is of 5 dirhams.

In small taxi, to count 50 dirhams of the city to the airport while negotiating bitterly and 100 dirhams of the airport at the city.

airport of will Menara. Click to enlarge the image.This new airport of Marrakech-Ménara is the illustration of a marriage successful between Islamic architectural art and the modern architecture.

airport of will Menara. Click to enlarge the image.

airport of will Menara. Click to enlarge the image.airport of will Menara. Click to enlarge the image.

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