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The town of Calvià in Majorca

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The city of Calvia in Mallorca - The former mayor of Calvia (author Rafael Ortega Díaz). Click to enlarge the image.Calvià is a small town in the southwest of the island of Majorca, but it is mainly the capital of a large town which includes a large number of resorts that have experienced phenomenal and disorderly development since the 1960s Santa Ponsa (about 10,700 inhabitants), Palmanova (about 7000 inhabitants) Magaluf (about 4200 inhabitants), Paguera (about 4000 inhabitants), Portals Nous (about 2600 inhabitants), El Toro (about 2300 inhabitants) and some others. The municipality has 14 beaches and four marinas.

The chief town of the county, appointed Calvià Vila, only about 2,400 inhabitants, while the entire town are more than 52,000 people, nearly 30% of permanent resident aliens. Thus the town has a new town, oversized, funded by profits from the tourism industry.

The municipality of Calvià is part of the county of the Serra de Tramuntana, but is very close to the island’s capital, Palma.

The city of Calvia in Mallorca - Hotels in Magaluf (author Rafael Ortega Díaz). Click to enlarge the image.The seaside resorts of Calvià, and, in particular, Magaluf, represent what is worse, in the 1970s, in terms of tourism development on the island of Majorca, with the construction of towers, high-rise hotels beachfront. This tourism low-end attracted many English hooligans, the situation became alarming enough that the municipality would decide in 1996 to kill twenty of the hotels in order to end - or at least control - the annual orgy "of violence, drunkenness and fornication in public" that characterized the station. The situation was somewhat sanitized, but the English hooligans are always present in Magaluf.

EtymologyEtymology and toponymy
The city of Calvia in Mallorca - The St. John the Baptist (author Fred089) church. Click to enlarge the image in Panoramio (new tab).The city of Calvia in Mallorca - Crest of the city (author Miguillen). Click to enlarge the image in Panoramio (new tab).In the thirteenth century, Calvià was named Sante Ihoannes Caviano and was dedicated to St. John the Baptist, known as the "Lamb of God". From there come the presence of a lamb - taking a hit of a red cross of St. George flag - on the crest of the town.

The name of Calvià come from a Latin surname, Calvius.

Calvià - with an acute accent - is spelled Calvia in Castilian Spanish.


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The town of Calvià is 6 km from the southwest coast of Mallorca, but the town - very large - Calvià covers much of the western coast of the Bay of Palma (Badia de Palma). The town is nestled in the hills between the mountain ranges of the Serra de Tramuntana and the Serra de Na Burguesa.

The city of Calvia in Mallorca - Location of the municipality of Calvia Mallorca (author Joan M. Boras). Click to enlarge the image.The municipality of Calvià borders the towns of Puigpunyent north of Estellencs northwest, and Andratx west which are part of the county of the Serra de Tramuntana and is also attached to the east, Town and County of Palma de Mallorca. For fast roadways just 15 minutes to reach the center of Palma.


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The city of Calvia in Mallorca - Cross landing in Santa Ponsa (author Rafael Ortega Díaz). Click to enlarge the image.A highlight of the municipality of Calvià is the landing of King James I of Aragon, Santa Ponça September 10, 1229, which began the reconquest of Mallorca on the Muslim Moors who occupied the island since the year 903.

To commemorate this event, a cross was erected - in 1929, for the seventh centenary - where the monarch set foot on the soil of Mallorca.

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