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The village of São Roque do Faial

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General presentationGeneral information
São Roque do Faial is a village perched on a peak lengthened between two valleys.

Around the houses with the tiled roofs invaded by the vine, the small fields in market-gardening field terraces, the plantations of wicker, the studded orchards of shelters with thatched roofs (palheiros) compose a picturesque landscape.

The commune is surrounded by a forest including of the indigenous cedars of Madeira, tree known for its odorous and solid wood. This material, now protected, was used at the 15th century with the realization as works of art, of which in particular those being reproduced on the roof of the Cathedral Sé de Funchal.

The name of São Roque originates in the name of the vault dedicated to the patron saint “da festa”; In addition forming part of the parish of Faial, the village naturally adopted the name of São Roque do Faial.


São Castles do Faial seen since the view-point of Portela. Cliquer pour agrandir l'image.Since Funchal, to take the fast track in the direction of “Aeroporto - Machico”. To follow the panels indicating Oporto da Cruz.

It is possible is to take it “via expresso” which, as its name indicates it is faster, or to take the old regional way 101.

History and traditionsHistory, literature, arts, traditions, legends, religions, myths, symbols…

The first church goes back as for it to 1551 and was set up in Chão da Ribeira but was disappeared in 1883 following bad weather. Today a counterpart is at the same place.

The settlement of this commune would have begun in 1538, probably by Portuguese of the north of the continent, but also of the north of Africa and Canary islands.

The official creation of the commune dated July 24th, 1848 during the reign of D. Maria II.

In addition to vegetables and the vine, one practices in São Roque the culture of the wicker which one recovers the stems which, after being tenderized and pulps, constitute basic material of basket making. The traditional methods of préparation of the stems of wicker are certainly in the process of disappearance, but it happens that one sees in the fields of the boots of stems of wicker and even of the peasants tenderizing the stems.

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