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The town of Sutivan, island of Brač in Croatia

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General presentationGeneral information
Sutivan is a harbor small town of approximately 700 inhabitants located on the island of Brač in Croatia.

Sutivan is also a municipality - one of the smallest Croatian municipalities - which is part of the county of Split-Dalmatia.

The toponym Sutivan (Saint John) comes from the name of a basilica of the beginning of Christianity, located in this place and named Sanctus Johannes, probably dedicated to saint Jean-Baptiste (Sveti Ivan Krstitelj).

At the times Venetian and Austro-Hungarian, Sutivan was named in Italian San Giovanni della Brazza.


Sutivan is located at the end of the north-western coast of the island of Brač, opposite the town of Split, from which it is distant only of 13 km via the ferry of Supetar. Supetar is to 7 km east of Sutivan.

The port. Click to enlarge the image.


The walk under the palm trees. Click to enlarge the image.Sutivan is a small charming and peaceful port, with beautiful houses, a Mediterranean atmosphere, beautiful beaches and surrounding forests. A park with an alley of palm trees is at the end of bay of Sutivan. A walk goes from the small port of Lučica to the port of Vičja Luka.

Cultural attractions of Sutivan are gathered around the two churches, the old woman and the news.

The Church of the Assumption (Crkva Uznesenja Marijina)
The parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin (župna crkva Uznesenja Marijina), was built between 1576 and 1590 in a late Renaissance style, but took with later transformations the character baroque of today. Raised on a low terrace, it is characterized by its beautiful bell-tower baroque with bulb, with an open loggia and an atypical final arc for the bell-towers of Brač, which gives to the church an Eastern pace. It is used as reference mark on the western side of the port.

Deaths of the village were buried in the church and the cemetery until a cemetery was built at the 19th century, but some of the tomb stones are still upright outside.

The interior of the church is remarkable for its elements baroques and of the marble furnace bridges. The painting of furnace bridge of the 17th century of Our Lady of the Rosary is particularly worthy of interest.

The church of the Assumption. Click to enlarge the image.The port (author Honza Beran). Click to enlarge the image.The sea front. Click to enlarge the image.
The Church Saint Roch (Crkva Svetog Roka)
The church Saint Roch was built, and was rebuilt in 1635 later.
The Cape Sutivan (Sutivanska Punta)
On the course of Sutivan towards the 6th century the old church Saint John, the oldest church of this part of the island was, which gave its name to the village.

History and traditionsHistory, literature, arts, traditions, legends, religions, myths, symbols…

The economic activities of the inhabitants of Sutivan are, traditionally, agriculture, fishing and the sailor’s pay. Sutivan is surrounded by plantations of olive-trees, vines and mandarin trees. The population of Sutivan knew a spectacular decline at the end of the 19th century because of the disease of the vine, the phylloxera, which caused a strong emigration, in particular towards Chile, the United States, Argentina and Bolivia.

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