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The Krka river in Croatia - cascades of Roški Slap

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The cascades of Rog (Roški Slap) are travertine cascades located on the Krka river in Croatia.

The cascades of Rogovo are less spectacular, but wider than the cascades of Skradin, located downstream on the same river: they cover a 650 m length surface and not less than 450 m of width, but the uneven total is only of 25.5 Mr.

The cascades of Rog (Roški Slapovi) draw their name from the fortress of Rog which is on Right Bank of Krka, in the south-east of the village of Rupe.


Cascades of Rog on the Krka river. Click to enlarge the image.The cascade, or rather the cascades, of Rog (Roški Slapovi) is to approximately 36 km downstream from the source of the Krka river, just upstream of the Visovac Lake and 10 km upstream of the cascades of Skradin (Skradinski Buk).


Cascades of Rog (Roški slapovi)
The last fall of Roski Slap (Zrno author). Click to enlarge the image.The cascades of Rogovo are a series of twelve cascades whose principal fall, the last, is thrown of 15 m in the Lake Visovac. Roški Slap begin with a multiplicity of small cascades, called “collars” by the inhabitants of the area, followed by many dead arms and small travertine small islands. The travertine rock masses of Roški Slap form caves, forms called “barbs”, thresholds, barriers and cones. The cones which are at the bottom of the principal fall represent a characteristic of Roški Slap. Roški slap is also characterized by its environment impressing due to abrupt cliffs from the throats in the vicinity immediate from the cascades.

In Rogovo, on left bank of Krka, is a set of hydraulic mills providing the mechanical energy to a series of weaving looms and of mills with grain. Some are still under operation and are worth visiting from April to October. They constitute ethnographic monuments of Dalmatia of an interest and a value private individuals. On the right side of the cascades a hydroelectric station is. Pleasant walks can be made along the “collars”.

Plan of the cascades of Roski slap on Krka. Click to enlarge the image.The cascades of Roški Slapovi are worth visiting all the year and are easily accessible by the road, but the most attractive manner is to take, since Skradinski Buk, one of the boats of excursion exploited by the National park of Krka.

  • In car: since Skradin, to take over the leadership of north and to turn right on the small road of Dubravice and Rupe. To 14.5 km, turn right in the direction of Roški Slap, 3 km further. It is also possible to reach Roški Slap by the road while coming from Drniš or Knin. A small road, which connected already two banks at the time Roman, crosses the cascades of Roški slapovi and makes it possible to admire them.
  • In boat, since Skradinski Buk: from April to October; three crossings per day; duration of 3:30 (with a half an hour stop to the small island of Visovac to visit the monastery); price of 100 kunas.
  • Since Roški slap, an excursion in boat makes it possible to reach the monastery of Krka and the fortresses of Trošenj and Nečven; excursion n° 3, one duration of 2:30.

Roški slap is one of the three entries of the National park; the tickets of entries to the Park and the tickets of excursions in boats for the monastery of Krka can be bought with the reception there.

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