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Dalmatia in Croatia

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The climate of the Dalmatian coast is particularly lenient, of Mediterranean type: soft winter, hot and dry summer. The average temperature over the year is just below 17 °c, the coldest month (January) has an average temperature of 9 °c against 25 °c for the hottest month (August). The temperature of water is of 18 °c in May and 24 °c in September. Besides the inhabitants advise with the tourists to come in September, when the water are still hot, the sun very present and the beaches less attended than in summer (time to which it is difficult to find a place on the sand or in the rooms of hosts). Dubrovnik counts on average 2,629 hours of sun a year and 1,021 mm of precipitations.

Two principal winds make the beautiful ones and the bad days of Dubrovnik. The mistral, of the North-West, blows mainly the summer to refresh the tourists, while will bura it, of the North-East, strongly makes fall the temperature in winter. The sirocco blows also a few weeks in winter, causing rains and swell.

It is however very rare that the temperature goes down below zero and the Croats have as a habit to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the streets of the old city, in particular on black Stradun of world, proof that Dubrovnik really enjoys a rather exceptional climate.

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Dalmatia under the Empire Romain
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