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The district of Aguedal

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The term “aguedal” means “garden” in Berber language.


Gardens of Agdal
The Gardens of Aguedal extend on several kilometers and are next to in the south the palace Royal Dar El Makhzen. These gardens have a vegetation more varied than that of the garden of Ménara; the pomegranates, orange trees and olive-trees are irrigated thanks to several tanks filled with water of the High Atlas. The Gardens have several houses: at the edge of Es Salted, largest of the water basins is Dar El Hana, a palace with a panoramic terrace from where one can admire the chain of the high Atlas beyond the gardens.

The gardens of Agdal are the oldest gardens of Marrakech, designed at the 12th century since 1156 according to the official historian of the dynasty almohade by El Haj Ya’ is, under the reign of Abd el-Moumen, a sovereign almohade, that one even which was at the origin of prestigious Koutoubia.

The name of Gardens of Aguedal was essential like exclusive name only towards the end of the 18th century. Its existence, setting with evil by time is closely related to the astute management of the hydraulic resources which is made there. Thus, the collecting of water of the underground layers was as of the end of the 11th century ensured by a dense network of “will khetarras”, assisted later by a more elaborate system of viaducts coming from Aghmat, city southernmost in the direction of the valley of Ourika. Lastly, the storage of rainwater was ensured by two immense tanks of which largest, baptized Es Salted, was used for the training of the troops to swimming for the crossing of the Straits of Gibraltar.

The current form of the gardens as well as the enclosing walls date only from the 19th century.

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