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The village of Santo António da Serra

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General presentationGeneral information
. Click to enlarge the image.Santo António da Serra, or more commonly Santo da Serra, is a station of estival holiday, with the many villas and flowered properties, is made proud to have the single golf course of Madeira.

Santo da Serra is one of these many localities of the surroundings of Funchal which must exist with the fact that the capital of the island can be moulted the summer in a genuine “cauldron” where reigns an overpowering heat. It is about a village pleasant, appreciated inhabitants of Funchal for his fresh climate and its resting site and where one can discover beautiful quintas madériennes old. On both sides of the central place extend the church with its curious bell-tower runs and the field of the quinta da Junta.

. Click to enlarge the image.The special character of Santo da Serra is its lack of relief. It is perhaps not a vast plate as that of Paúl da Serra, but it is enough large to accommodate a golf of 27 holes.

It is the single commune with being divided into two councils of commune: Santa Cruz and Machico.


Coordinates: latitude 32.724305 NR; longitude 16.819146 O
. Click to enlarge the image.. Click to enlarge the image.Santo da Serra is located at 660 m of altitude, on a covered plate of forests of pines and eucalyptus.

Since Funchal, to take the fast track in the direction “Aeroporto”. To follow the exit “Santo da Serra” then to go up until Santo da Serra.

It is possible to also pass by Camacha and Portela.


Quinta da Junta
The quinta da Junta, old property of the Blandy family, is freely opened with the visit. The principal alley of access is bordered of azaleas, magniolias, camellias and myrtles. On the left, the pink house hides behind the cedars and the tree ferns, while small zoological gardens lodge stags and hinds (on the right).

One can enter the field in the car, but 5 min with foot are enough to reach the view-point (Miradouro back Ingleses) under shelter which overhangs the valley of Machico. The panorama extends on all the valley from Machico, of the collar of Portela to the sea, then on remote Ponta of São Lourenço (on the right). When time is clear, the white spot of the island of Oporto Santo takes shape at the horizon.

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Boca do Poiso
Since Santo António da Serra a road carries out to the collar of Poiso, 8 km, through the volcanic plate of Chão de Feiteiras, short-nap cloth like a moor, where the black sheep wander on the shaven ground. The Eastern slope of the plate was retimbered eucalyptus, maples and fir trees.
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InformationPractical informations

Put of Abrigo do Poiso
. Click to enlarge the image.Restaurant with Boca do Poiso.

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