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The village and hot spring Empros, Kos

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Empros is mainly known for its hot spring that feeds an artificial lake where swimming is one of the attractions of the island of Kos .
The Baths Empros or Embros, (Greek: Εμπρός Θέρμες) are also named Therma Loutra (Θερμά Λουτρά).


Empros is located on the southeast coast of the island of Kos 12 km from the city of Kos , after Cape St. Phocas (Agios Fokas, Άγιος Φωκάς) (9 km from Kos), at the end of the coastal road southeast.


The hot spring Empros Kos (author Cyberchemist). Click to enlarge the image in Flickr (new tab).Empros source springs from a cave and flows through a small channel to an artificial pond built on the shore of the Aegean Sea by a dike rocks. As winter storms generally disperse the dam basin is rebuilt every April and changes from one year to another. Around the pool is a pebbly beach.

Basin hot spring Empros Kos (author Cyberchemist). Click to enlarge the image in Flickr (new tab).Water flows from the source at a temperature of 80 ° Celsius and mixes with seawater in the basin of 25 square meters (10 m diameter) pond water has an average temperature of 35 to 40 ° depending on whether one is more or less close to the source.

Gassing of the hot spring Empros (author Cyberchemist). Click to enlarge the image in Flickr (new tab).The thermal water Embros contains mainly carbon dioxide but also small amounts of other gases, including a trace of hydrogen sulfide, which smells of sulfur. This water would have proven therapeutic properties against diseases of the skin, respiratory tract, eyes and muscle disorders. In any case, bathing in thermal water mixed with seawater, has relaxing effects, particularly popular at sunset or after.

General Information

The access road to the hot spring Empros Kos (author Karelj). Click to enlarge the image in Flickr (new tab).You can get to the source of thermal Empros by car or bus.
  • by car, be aware that the small parking lot near the source is usually full at 11 am, but there is another parking near the bus stop, in addition, on the last mile, the road turns into a track of land.
  • by bus, you can take the bus n ° 5 from Cos (last departure to 18 h) and the journey takes 15 to 20 minutes.

There is no opening hours and access is free, but the source of Embros is busy at peak hours (from 9:00 am): it is better to get there sunrise to enjoy. Some bathe at sunset or in the evening, but it is better to provide lighting.

Visiting hoursVisiting hours
The tavern Therma Source Thermal Empros Kos (author Karelj). Click to enlarge the image.Beside the source was an old tavern, Taverna Therma, now closed, which proposed fish dishes at an affordable price: in particular parrot fish, swordfish or tuna.

There are now right next to the pool, a café serving drinks and ice creams.

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