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The village of Čilipi in Croatia

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General presentationGeneral information
Situation. Click to enlarge the image.Čilipi is a village which preserved the traditions of the area of Konavle, costumes and artisanal productions.


Čilipi is 22 away km from Dubrovnik and to only 5 km of Cavtat.


The Saint Nicholas Church
The Saint Nicholas church has a nave and two apses. It was built in 1853 on the site of a former church dating from the 15th century.
Saint Nicholas church. Click to enlarge the image.Saint Nicholas church. Click to enlarge the image.
Saint Nicholas church. Click to enlarge the image.Saint Nicholas church. Click to enlarge the image.
On the basis of the quays of Cavtat, a walk at the edge of water leads to Čilipi.
Excursion of Čilipi with Radovčići. Click to enlarge the image.Excursion. Click to enlarge the image.For in love ones with nature, between Čilipi and Cavtat, was arranged a pedestrian path and cyclist from where one can see endemic plant species and species of fauna of river protected.

Another walk leads of Čilipi to Radovčići.

History and traditionsHistory, literature, arts, traditions, legends, religions, myths, symbols…

Čilipi was part of Republic of Raguse only starting from 1426, date on which this area was bought by the Republic.

During the war of independence, at the time of the aggression of the Serb socialo-Communists, between 1991 and 1992, almost the totality of the village was burned and its expelled inhabitants. The village was released from the attacker to the autumn 1992, but the war left serious damage caused with the cultural heritage. The village is not any more that shade of the large commercial city that it was at the end of the Middle Ages and during the Rebirth, but it always has a beautiful inheritance which UNESCO contributes to restore.

It is on the territory of Čilipi that the airport of Dubrovnik is.
All the dimanches - around 11:15, after the mass -, one attends a spectacle of folk dances in traditional costume of the area of Konavle on the square of the Saint Nicholas church.
Musicians. Click to enlarge the image.Dancers. Click to enlarge the image.Dancers. Click to enlarge the image.
Commercial. Click to enlarge the image.Embroideries. Click to enlarge the image.

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