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The village of Villaverde in Fuerteventura

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General presentationGeneral presentation
The village of Villaverde in Fuerteventura. the northwest of the mill Montañeta (author Frank Vincentz). Click to enlarge the image.Villaverde is a farming village - to the widely dispersed habitat - the northern island of Fuerteventura. The village has just over 1,500 inhabitants and is part of the municipality of La Oliva.

Many old farmhouses, nicely renovated, have become homes for employees of the tourist resort of Corralejo. South of the village, a ridge separating La Oliva of Villaverde, La Montañeta, carries two windmills that can be visited.

EtymologyEtymology and toponymy
Villaverde course means “green city”: the region is relatively green effect, compared to the rest of Fuerteventura. This is explained by the presence of lapilli or pozzolan called “picón” the Canary Islands, which covers the land. This porous volcanic ash comes from the surrounding volcanoes, the Montaña de la Arena (420 m) and Montaña de Escanfraga (531 m). This pozzolan is unique in retaining soil moisture brought by the trade winds from the northeast. Culture Using this technique, which involves covering the ground 15 cm lapilli, is called the Canary “enarenado” (culture sand); the soil is kept moist to a depth of 25 to 30 cm.


Villaverde is located about 4 km northeast of La Oliva on the FV-101 road to Corralejo. The village is 230 meters above sea level at the foot of Montaña de la Arena.

From the west of the village a vehicle track can reach the southern part of the Natural Park of Corralejo. The trail passes near an old windmill and the agricultural museum La Rosita and bypasses from the north the Montaña de Escanfraga (531 m), then led around the Montaña Roja (312 m), which is can bypass from the south to reach the Playa de la Cazuela after crossing the FV-1 road from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario. If one continues with northern Montaña Roja is reached the Dunes of Corralejo.


ChapelSt. Vincent Ferrer chapel (Ermita de San Vicente Ferrer)
The village of Villaverde in Fuerteventura. St. Vincent Ferrer chapel (author gmbgreg). Click to enlarge the image in Panoramio (new tab).St. Vincent Ferrer chapel probably dates from the late eighteenth century as most other places on the island sanctuaries, as it has similar characteristics, but no historical archive allows to precisely date this building.

The front of the chapel has a door in black volcanic stone, topped by a round arch. Above the gable stands a rectangular tower housing a bell. The angles and the side door are made of the same black stone.

The nave is covered by a coffered ceiling, reinforced by wooden rods.

Ethnographic MuseumThe agricultural museum La Rosita (Museo Agricola La Rosita)
The agricultural museum La Rosita is a private museum in a former farm of the nineteenth century, beautifully restored. The museum presents a finca typical Canarian with a tobacco plantation - the farm formerly cultivated tobacco fields - living animal (donkeys, goats, chickens, geese etc.), a palm, a Canarian garden with native plants, a cactus garden, a windmill to pump water from the water table, a threshing floor with piles of straw and an old well. The set is a bit cheesy but informative for children, which can feed the farm animals or take a ride on camelback.

The building presents agricultural implements, interesting historical photos and documents.

Address: Carretera General La Oliva-Corralejo, FV-101, km 6.5, on the right side of the road heading towards Corralejo; a sign for the museum.

Phone: 00 34 928 175 325

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 17 pm; Saturday from 10 am to 15 pm; close on Sunday.

Admission: € 5.50 (children € 2.75).

The shop sells, among other things, jams, palm syrup, aloe products and cheeses, but also literature on the Canary Islands and ceramics.

Natural ParkNatural Monument Malpaís de La Arena (Monumento Natural Malpaís de La Arena)
The village of Villaverde in Fuerteventura. La Montaña de la Arena view from the Casa de los Coroneles in La Oliva. Click to enlarge the image.Natural Monument Malpaís de La Arena is a protected area located north of La Oliva and west of Villaverde.

This area includes the Montaña de la Arena (Sand Mountain) (420 m), a Strombolian volcano black and red, extinct for about 10,000 years, and the fields of lava and ashes of this volcano, Malpaís de La Arena (“Maleterre the Sand”). The southern flank of the volcano is gutted by the exploitation of lapilli that are used by local farmers to conserve soil moisture.

The Malpaís de La Arena include endemic species such as the Canary Islands wheatear (Saxicola dacotiae) (tarabilla canaria), the balsamiferous spurge (Euphorbia balsamifera) (tabaiba dulce), the bristling passerine (Thymelaea hirsuta) (aulaga), groundsel Klein or klenia sheet oleander (Senecio kleinia synonymus Kleinia neriifolia) (verode).

GrottoThe Cave of the Plain (Cueva del Llano)
The village of Villaverde in Fuerteventura. La Cueva del Llano (author Frank Vincentz). Click to enlarge the image.La Cueva del Llano is not a cave itself, but a tunnel 648 meters long, formed there are more than 800,000 years, following the volcanic eruption of the Montaña de Escanfraga. In some places, the gallery has rooms of 6 meters in height.

Only the first 400 meters can be visited by guided tour, after equipped with a helmet and a headlamp.

In the bottom of the lava tube - the part can not be visited, 200 meters in length - saw an arachnid species, endemic harvestman of the Cueva del Llano, the Maiorerus randoi [Rambla, 1993]. This animal, which lives in permanent darkness, is almost blind and depigmented, but with a highly developed sense of touch. This species is one of seven varieties of arthropods Canaries which are endangered.

In this gallery were also discovered skeletons of extinct animals such as mice or washing malpaís, very present there are 2000 years but that disappeared with the arrival of the man or the house mouse. It was also discovered the remains of quail Canarian species similar to the common quail and which disappeared following the introduction of predators by man.

La Cueva del Llano was opened to the public in 2006.

Location: north of Villaverde, left the road FV-101 leading to Corralejo; a road sign indicates the direction of the cave.

Geographic coordinates: 28° 39’ 11” N ; 13° 54’ 10” W.

In an exhibition Interpretation Centre to discover the geology of Fuerteventura.

Phone: 00 34 928 175 928

The guided tours take place from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 18 pm every 45 minutes.

Entrance fee: 5 €.

Since late 2014 the cave is closed for repairs because of falling rocks at the entrance to the cave (museums information office of the island: 00 34 928 858 998 or on the web at: www

Practical informationPractical information

BusBus lines
Line # 8 of Tiadhe of Corralejo to El Cotillo has a stop at Villaverde; every day, every hour.


HotelThe rural hotel Mahol
The small rural hotel Mahol is located in a former mansion of the nineteenth century, built of dark volcanic stone, which ensures a pleasant freshness even in summer. The hotel has nine rooms decorated in rustic style, some with four-poster beds.

The hotel has a large garden, with a typical flora of the island, a small swimming pool, sports facilities (tennis courts and horseback riding) and a library. carriage rides in the village are possible on request.

The restaurant, located on the other side of the garden, offers Canarian cuisine quality.

The Rural Mahol hotel is located on the southern edge of the village of Villaverde (near the entrance panel in the resort), on the FV-101 road, 2.8 km.

Phone: 00 34 928 868 050

Rates (in season): double room, € 80; single room 60 €. Half board: 13 €.

Site on the Web:


RestaurantThe restaurant El Horno
The restaurant El Horno (“Four”) is located at the northern edge of the village of Villaverde, Calle del Centro, 44. Beautiful rustic dining room.

The house specialties are grilled meat, suckling pig and goat.

Main course from € 7.

Phone: 00 34 928 868 671

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 12 am to 23 pm 30; Sunday from 12 am to 17 h 30.

RestaurantThe restaurant El Rancho
The restaurant El Rancho offers Canarian cuisine. friendly service.

Address: Carretera General 40, at the southern edge of the city.

Phone: 00 34 928 868 518

Hours: every day except Wednesday, from noon to midnight.

Main course from € 7.

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