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The village of Las Playitas and the lighthouse of La Entallada in Fuerteventura

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General presentationGeneral presentation
Las Playitas is a small coastal village on the south coast of the island of Fuerteventura. The pretty little fishing village - the white houses lining a beach with dark brown sand - also became a seaside resort since the implementation of a village of giant holiday in 2007, and a golf course.

The village of Las Playitas is part of the municipality of Tuineje.

EtymologyEtymology and toponymy
Las Playitas means “The small beaches”, "Les Petites Beaches." The town is often called “Las Playas”.


The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. Las Playitas Creek (author Alain Sidler). Click to enlarge the image in Panoramio (new tab).The village of Las Playitas is located approximately halfway between the capital of Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario, and its airport, and the beach resorts of the almost island of Jandía.

From the airport, follow the coastal road FV-20 towards Morro del Jable for about 30km until the bifurcation of the roundabout on the FV-4 road to Gran Tarajal; 2 km before arriving at Gran Tarajal, turn left on the road FV-512: Drive 4 km to Las Playitas. The journey from the airport takes about 40 minutes.

The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. The Lighthouse Entallada. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).Las Playitas is only 5 km east of Gran Tarajal; where many shops and restaurants. The capital of the municipality, Tuineje, is located 17 km north, 20 minutes by car.

6 km east of Las Playitas is the flagship of La Entallada, located in the Punta de La Entallada which is the location of the island of Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands closest to Africa ; Cape Juby on the coast of Morocco near Tarfaya - formerly part of the Spanish Sahara - is distant from less than 100 km (48 nautical miles).


LighthouseThe lighthouse La Entallada (Faro de La Entallada)
The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. The mountain of La Entallada. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. Los Cuchillos of Vigán. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).The lighthouse La Entallada is 6 km east of the village of Las Playitas and about 12 km east of Gran Tarajal. To reach the lighthouse La Entallada we must - before entering Las Playitas - a road that goes left towards the northeast. This paved and in good condition, 6 km long, enters the Natural Park of Los Cuchillos de Vigán, then down to the southeast towards the Punta de La Entallada; in its final part, the road is quite steep and fairly narrow, but leads to the large parking of the lighthouse.

The Punta de La Entallada - sometimes called Punta Lantailla - named after the mount of La Entallada, the “mountain notched”, a small volcanic cone that seems notched a sword.

The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. The Lighthouse Entallada. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).The lighthouse of Punta de La Entallada was built from 1953 to 1954; this is the last major lighthouse in the Canary Islands designed to be inhabited by the personal Lighthouse and Beacon Service; this lighthouse was commissioned in the night of 3 December 1954.

The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. The Lighthouse Entallada. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).The original plan of the lighthouse is the work of engineer Carlos Alcón: the building is shaped like a “U”; the facade facing the sea has three square towers connected by a single level building body; the side towers have two levels; the central tower is higher than the side towers and carries the lantern.

The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. The flagship of the court in The Entallada (author Frank Vincentz). Click to enlarge the image.On the sides, the two wings of the building enclose a courtyard open to the interior of the island. On three sides of the courtyard, a gallery with segmental arches runs along the buildings. The entire construction was carried out in masonry leaving the stone, spliced ​​by a white mortar which contrasts dramatically with the dark stone. Angles, door frames and windows, and the base of the walls was made in a cut stone reddish, jointed by a red mortar; This stone comes from quarries in the village of Tetir the center of the island, northwest of Puerto del Rosario.

The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. La Pointe de La Entallada. Click to enlarge the image.The central tower, 11 meters high, supports optical system, placed in a cylindrical glass 3 meters in diameter, topped by a glass dome. Its optical system issues 1 and 2 white flashes every 18 seconds. The lighthouse is built on the rocky promontory of Punta de La Entallada, 185 meters above sea level, its optical system is 196 meters high and can carry at sea up to 30 nautical miles.

The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. La Pointe de La Entallada. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).The function of the lighthouse La Entallada is to report the east coast of the island of Fuerteventura, on the stretch of coast between the lighthouse of Puerto del Rosario, north, and the lighthouse of Morro del Jable, in the south. The lighthouse La Entallada is the location of the Canary Islands as closer to the Moroccan coast, a distance of less than 100 km, Cape Juby; the stretch of sea that separates the east coast of Fuerteventura and the Moroccan coast has intense maritime traffic.

With its glass dome, the lighthouse La Entallada also features a bright beacon air with a range of 15 km. This tag was particularly useful in 1957 and 1958 to guide the Junkers aircraft of the Spanish aviation, from the airfield of Gando in Gran Canaria, to Sidi Ifni to defend the city against attacks by Moroccan irregulars.

The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. Commemorative Stamp Lighthouse The Entallada (Correos de España). Click to enlarge the image.The lighthouse La Entallada is still in use but was automated. The flagship of the buildings have been restored by the Chapter of Fuerteventura (Cabildo de Fuerteventura) with the intention of making a museum dedicated to maritime signals (Centro de Interpretación de Señales Marítimas). The former residences of lighthouse keepers (torreros) were transformed to become showrooms.

The village of Las Playitas in Fuerteventura. The Lighthouse Entallada. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).To accommodate tourists, a large car park has been created and a viewpoint was built, that can reach by a wooden bridge. From this viewpoint, almost 200 meters above the sea, one can enjoy magnificent views of the coast and the Natural Monument of the Peaks of Vigán (Monumento Natural de los Cuchillos de Vigán), protected natural area because of great scientific interest. The “knives” (cuchillos) are elongated hills between two valleys, and are remnants of lava flows of the volcano Vigán (469 m).

In 2009, the lighthouse La Entallada, along with five other lighthouses, has been shown in a set of six commemorative stamps issued by Correos de España.

Practical informationPractical information

MeteorologyWeather and forecasts
Sea excursion School boating Cat Company
The Cat Company provides training for various water sports and equipment rental and sea excursions: catamaran, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking.

Address: Las Playitas Grand Resort 35629 Las Playitas

Phone: 00 34 616 619 313

Site on the Web:

Hotel Hotel, aparthotel and Villas Playitas
The resort Playitas is a huge holiday village has three types of accommodation: Traditional hotel, apartments and private pool villas. The village also offers many opportunities for practicing sports.

The resort is located on the west side of the cove of Las Playitas, where the sand is finer than in the east, facing the old fishing village.

Phone: 00 34 928 860 400

Site on the Web:

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