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The village of Playa Quemada in Lanzarote

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General presentationGeneral presentation
Playa Quemada is a small coastal village on the southeastern coast of the island of Lanzarote, which is part of the municipality of Yaiza. This peaceful and quiet village has about 130 residents, some fishermen and a few foreign residents seeking tranquility; between the square houses, whitewashed and the doors painted blue or green, some caravans settled.

Playa Quemada has not been invaded by mass tourism and the three nearby beaches are almost deserted. Visitors are particularly attracted by the few restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish of the day.

EtymologyEtymology and toponymy
Playa Quemada means “scorched beach” the beach is indeed a color of coal, covered with stones and gravel very dark volcanic eruptions issued by the eighteenth century.


The village of Playa Quemada in Lanzarote. The village seen from Montaña de Guardilama (author Dguendel). Click to enlarge the image.Playa Quemada is at the bottom of a protected bay to the west of the strong prevailing winds by the mountains of Los Ajaches, which culminates at Mount Hacha Grande (561 m). This mountain range is the natural protected area of the Natural Monument of Los Ajaches (Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches).

The village is located between two emblematic places of tourism in Lanzarote: 3 km to the east, the luxury marina Puerto Calero, and to the southwest, beyond the Punta de Papagayo, the lively beaches of Papagayo.

From Arrecife, the capital of the island, and the airport is reached at Playa Quemada via the LZ-2 road then taking the left LZ-706 road. After 4 km of slopes of the village appears in a barren landscape.


BeachThe beaches of Playa Quemada
The village of Playa Quemada in Lanzarote. Playa Quemada. Click to enlarge the image.The village of Playa Quemada provides access to three beaches: the beach of Playa Quemada, strictly speaking, the Playa de la Arena and Playa del Pozo; these three beaches enjoying the shelter of the mountains of Los Ajaches, which guarantees a calm sea for swimming, except the rare days when the south wind blows.

La Playa Quemada is a beach of pebbles and black volcanic gravel rather unappealing for swimming, but it is bordered by two waterfront restaurants with very pleasant terraces.

The village of Playa Quemada in Lanzarote. Beaches Quemada and the Arena and in the distance, fish farms. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).To the west, beyond a rocky promontory, is the Playa de la Arena (Sand Beach) on the black volcanic sand (lapilli), much finer, carted by the Barranco de la Corona; at low tide, one can easily walk to the Playa de la Arena from Playa Quemada; when the tide is too high, you have to cross the headland by a path where one crosses some goats of the fromagerie Rubicón village of Femés, grazing on the hillsides; it takes 15 minutes. Due to its location a little away, the Playa de la Arena is mostly frequented by people of Lanzarote and nudists. It is rare for swimmers there are more than a dozen.

Further west still - beyond another lava flow - is the Playa del Pozo (Well’s Beach), at the mouth of the Barranco de la Higuera coming down from the mountain Morro de la Loma del Pozo. This is a black beach and fine pozzolan as little crowded than the Playa de la Arena; However, two hundred meters from the seafront there are farms where are bred tuna, sea bream and other fish, and it seems that the remains of the food given to the fish and droppings of these fish pollute the surroundings. From the village it takes 30 to 40 minutes to reach the Playa del Pozo, located about 3 km, along a path that winds through the hills.

Practical informationPractical information

MeteorologyWeather and forecasts
Horse ridingHorse riding
Coming from Arrecife or Tías by the LZ-2 road - at Km 17, 300 m before turning on the LZ-706 towards Playa Quemada - one on the right the equestrian center ’ Lanzarote a Caballo”. This center offers riding lessons and excursions on horseback, but also camels. Special activities for children (Indians games etc).

Sample prices: € 60 for 2 hours of horseback riding tour; € 45 for a one-hour tour on camelback; € 18 for 20 minutes.

Summer hours: daily from 9 am to 19 pm 30.

Phone: 00 34 928 830 038

Site on the Web:

Restaurant Siete Islas :

Hours: daily except Friday from 12 am to 21 pm.

Address: Avenida Marítima, 4

Phone: 00 34 928 173 249

Site on the Web:

Restaurant Salmarina :

Hours: 11 am to 23 pm.

Address: Avenida Marítima, 13

Phone: 00 34 928 173 562

Site on the Web:

Restaurant Playa Quemada :

Hours: daily, 11 am to 23 pm.

Address: Avenida Marítima, 16

Phone: 00 34 928 173 707

Restaurant El Pescador :

Address: Avenida Marítima, 21

Phone: 00 34 659 985 918

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