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The city of Ibiza (Eivissa)

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High Ibiza Town
Go to the Upper Town (Dalt Vila).
Necropolis of Puig des Molins
The necropolis of Puig des Molins served as a burial place from the Phoenicians in the seventh century BC, and the Romans until the first century. In the hill were discovered more than 3000 tombs, burial chambers which were accessed by a well. Notice the bust of the goddess Tanit (fifth century BC).
Sa Penya
Established a very narrow rocky headland, this former fishing district became the center of the nightlife.
To fully appreciate the luminous beauty of the city of Ibiza and his site, he must discover the sea But if you put off the boat, a nice point of view will still be enjoyed from the road to Talamanca (3 km north-east). Built on a hill immersed in water, the city includes: an old neighborhood surrounded by walls, the lively Marina, near the port, and most residential and commercial districts. All cornice is occupied by large hotels.
Near the harbor and the market place, the Marina is no shortage of entertainment. This set of shopping streets lined with restaurants and shops contrast with the quiet uptown.

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