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The village of Jardim do Mar

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General presentationGeneral information
. Click to enlarge the image.The village of Jardim do Mar is built on a terrace, consisted a cliff crumbling, whose edge dominates the ocean of about fifty meters.

The narrow paved alleys are traced between the overlapping houses the ones in the others, or between high walls which isolate from the planted flowered gardens of fruit trees.

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Jardim do Mar, the “garden of the sea”.


Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário
The Our Lady church of the Rosary, close to the place, was built in 1907 by the inhabitants of the village, under the control of the vicar who improvised architect.
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Capela de Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia
Vault of Our Lady of the Mercy (19th century).
Lombo das Laranjeiras
Valley of the Orange groves: a small road goes down on the right towards Calheta (2 km) and the edge from sea (3 km). It further follows the shore fringed from rollers (on 4 km), to join beyond the main roads of Arco da Calheta.
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