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The village of Saplunara, island of Mljet in Croatia

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The village of Saplunara, which is in fact only one group of houses, is drawn up almost at the end of the Eastern end of the island of Mljet. In addition to its calm, its principal asset resides in its three sand beaches end, if rare in Croatia. Besides that seems to give ideas to the investors who build little by little villas between the trees.


Saplunara is to 16 km east of Sobra where the ferry of Dubrovnik arrives.


The first beach, just at the exit of the village, is most pleasant, because water is clear and enough deep there to swim. Bordered of pines, it lends itself to the picnic, but it is attended.

The second split, while following the road which skirts bay, is smaller and less beautiful, but water is there quite as favourable with the joys of the bath.

Beaches of Blace
Beach of Blace. Click to enlarge the image.The third, the beach of Blace, is most spectacular, bordering a bay in arc of a circle similar to a lagoon tropical, and closed by a barrier of reefs just passable in the boat. With its fringe of pines and tamarisk and its fine sand, it would be perfect without the many refuses brought by the currents and the water which is far from deep there. Fortunately, the authorities of the island of Mljet attempt to maintain it more regularly and to facilitate the access of them.

One reaches the beach while following the way gravelled after the preceding beach to a carpark, then 5 min on foot through the trees.

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