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The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote

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General presentationGeneral presentation
The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. Plan. Click to enlarge the image.Puerto del Carmen is the oldest and largest seaside resort of the island of Lanzarote; about 60% of the million tourists who annually come to Lanzarote, would be accommodated in hotels, apartments and holiday villas of this resort.

The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. The port (author Lmbuga). Click to enlarge the image.The resort has been created artificially - in the 1970s - around the old fishing village of La Tiñosa, to take advantage of some 5 kilometers of golden sandy beaches that stretch east of the old port and up from the airport Lanzarote. Puerto del Carmen is indeed close to the airport, allowing fast transfers for mass tourism. Customer Puerto del Carmen consists mainly of English, Scandinavians, Germans and Spaniards. Many of these tourists come here for the beaches and nightlife offered by many bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and even a casino. However sports activities, including water and water, do not miss: diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing, sport fishing, sea excursion, but also cycling and horse riding.

Puerto del Carmen has a permanent population of just over 10,000 inhabitants and is part of the town of Tías.

EtymologyEtymology and toponymy
The fishing village around which has developed the resort, was named La Tiñosa, which means "The scabby." Tiñoso means “nasty” and by extension “miserable”, probably with reference to the harsh living conditions of fishermen who once lived there. One can easily understand that developers who built the resort, did not wish to keep the name, and renamed the city “Puerto del Carmen”, named after the village church, Nuestra Señora del Carmen (our Lady of Mount Carmel).


The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. Le port. Click to enlarge the image.Puerto del Carmen is located on the southeast coast of Lanzarote, in a relatively protected area from the west winds by the mountains of Los Ajaches. The resort extends over 7 km of coastline exposed due south; eastward to the vicinity of the airport; west coastal path allows to walk about 3 km to the small resort of Puerto Calero and its marina.

By road from the airport Lanzarote is less than ten kilometers (10 minutes), and the island’s capital, Arrecife, 15 km. The capital of the municipality, Tías, is that 5 km north. The central location of Puerto del Carmen can quickly reach the main tourist attractions of Lanzarote.


VillageThe former fishing village of La Tiñosa
The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. The Church of Our Lady of Carmel. Click to enlarge the image in Adobe Stock (new tab).In western Puerto del Carmen is the old coastal village of La Tiñosa, whose narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses, climb the slopes of the hills surrounding the natural harbor. Until the 1970s the village was ignored by tourists; today it is in this area, scenic and relaxing, which can loosely regain some of the authenticity of the original village.

The center of social life is the Plaza del Varadero (Shipyard Square), built next to the former shipyard, where one can see today the gantry used to get in the water and meet the boats. Around the square are cafes and seafood restaurants where you can - comfortably seated - appreciate competitions Canarian ball (bola canaria) taking place on the two bowling greens located next to the square. A little behind the square is the small village church, Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Our Lady of Mount Carmel), surrounded by shops.

The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. The port (author Lmbuga). Click to enlarge the image.From the terraces of restaurants, housed in former warehouses, beautiful views you can admire the port, and, further, the volcanic mountains of Los Ajaches and the northern coast of the island of Fuerteventura. In the harbor, a few fishing vessels, colorful, now alongside other types of boats: scuba diving boats, glass bottom ships offering excursions to the beaches of Papagayo, sport fishing vessels a tourist submarine, and even a small speed boat that links with Fuerteventura.

Since the district of La Tiñosa a boardwalk allows a pleasant walk to a viewpoint, the Mirador del Puerto. Going up the stairs, we can then continue to Puerto Calero by a path along the edge of the cliffs of the coast.

Seaside resortThe resort of Puerto del Carmen
In eastern neighborhood La Tiñosa begins the new city, the resort of Puerto del Carmen, which occupies a strip of land with a width of one kilometer, which extends over 7 km long. The development of the resort is still going east and also to the interior of the island, towards the LZ-40 ring road.

The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. City map. Click to enlarge the image.The development of the resort began in the late 1960s by the construction of the hotel Los Fariones (opened in 1966), beautifully situated between the beach of Los Fariones and the beach of Playa Blanca. Excluding this hotel and others, urbanization of the resort reflects the urban development plan advocated by César Manrique: most buildings do not exceed two levels; we do not see hideous tricks as Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria or in the south of Tenerife, but the complex of holiday apartments are all built on the same model - with a private pool and a private bar often - giving the station a forbidding appearance.

The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. Vacation homes (author Lmbuga). Click to enlarge the image.These buildings are spread along a long Avenue 6 km, the Avenida de Las Playas, the English call “the Strip." This avenue along the coast with one side, the beaches and on the other, shops of all kinds, pubs which are broadcast football matches of the English league, game rooms, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels. At long shopping centers punctuate this uniform mass of buildings. Many of these holiday apartments were bought on the principle of timeshare (timeshare) on the Avenida de Las Playas touts realtors harassing tourists to sell one or two weeks of ownership of an apartment. To the east, near the subdivision Los Pocillos, the avenue becomes progressively calmer and better taste.

Puerto del Carmen is a station without much charm where holidaymakers come mainly seek excitement and diversity of supply.

BeachThe beaches of Puerto del Carmen
Puerto del Carmen boasts 5 km of beautiful beaches, all well exposed south, sunny and relatively protected from the winds, separated by headlands and rocky outcrops. Three of the beaches are long sandy beaches, more grayish golden, sometimes strewn with rocks and volcanic lapilli; four other beaches are nestled at the bottom of coves formed by volcanic flows. Some consider the beaches Puerto del Carmen are the best beaches in Lanzarote, but you may prefer the beaches of Papagayo, wilder but since equipment located in the Natural Monument of Los Ajaches.

All these beaches are perfect for swimming, with a gentle slope and no dangerous currents marine, as well as various water sports: diving, windsurfing, pedal boating, water skiing, jet skiing and so on. Most offer facilities such as sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, and a number of chiringuitos (beach bars). In some places there are even small semicircular stone walls similar to those used in the region of La Geria to protect wind vine plants (zocos).

The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. Playa Chica Beach. Click to enlarge the image.The first two tracks - starting from the harbor towards the east - are located at the foot of the old fishing village and are serviced by the Paseo de La Barilla; ample parking is located nearby. The neighborhood is named after a plant that grew in the area, the barilla, common soda (Salsola soda), which was made ​​of soap. The first beach is the Playa de La Barilla, also called Playa Chica (Little Beach); the Playa de La Barilla is protected by two natural dams formed by volcanic flows; the beach is 90 m long and 20 m wide; it is popular with divers, as diving clubs have their facilities nearby. The divers used to sit at the bar overlooking the beach, the Bar Playa, which has a large bay window overlooking the beach.

The next beach is Playa de Los Fariones, which gave its name to the first hotel built in Puerto del Carmen, which is located between the beach and the beach of Playa Grande. The beach of Los Fariones is a sandy beach, 60 m wide, with a grove of palm trees for shelter from the sun.

After the beach Los Fariones begin the great beaches of Puerto del Carmen, which are bordered by the Avenida de Las Playas; between the avenue and the beaches are flowerbeds, pleasant enough, bougainvillea, hibiscus, geraniums and palm trees. Sometimes palms are planted behind the beaches and provide pleasant shade coveted spots. Parking can be difficult in some areas on the avenue.

The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. The beach at Playa Grande (author Rebexho). Click to enlarge the image.The first beach along the avenue is the beach of Playa Blanca, the island of Lanzarote have become accustomed to appoint Playa Grande (Big Beach) to avoid confusion with the beach of the resort Playa Blanca, located in south of the island. The Playa Grande stretches from Hotel Los Fariones to the Centro Comercial Atlántico over a length of 1200 meters and a width large enough to accommodate four rows of sun loungers and parasols. La Playa Blanca is often crowded.

The city’s tourist office is located on the avenue, at the eastern end of Playa Grande, which begins a rocky promontory named Punta El Barranquillo, which separates the Playa Grande to the next beach, Playa de Los Pocillos; on this promontory we find particular casino Lanzarote. This rocky area, a kilometer in length, however, three small beaches in coves background, we can not all see from the avenue. These are public beaches where you can access by paths running between the restaurants and shops in the area, such as the Camino del Cascayo. We first encounter the Playa de Peña Grande - 40 meters long - and the Playa de la Peñita and finally the Playa del Baranquillo, in front of the Hotel San Antonio.

The town of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. Matagorda Beach. Click to enlarge the image.After Punta El Baranquillo begins the Playa de Los Pocillos, which gave its name to the subdivision on the back of the beach, Urbanización de Los Pocillos; its name comes from it at low tide shallow puddles appear on the beach, forming small wells (pocillos). This is a somewhat windy beach that Playa Grande, but with calm waters, ideal for the practice of windsurfing. The beach of the Little Wells stretches over a kilometer from the hotel San Antonio to the hotel Jameos Playa. At the eastern end of the beach, the sounds of aircraft flight path of the airport become strong enough.

The latest range of Puerto del Carmen is the Playa de Matagorda, where aircraft noise is very annoying if you want to rest, but some people are just coming to watch the air traffic. The beach of Matagorda, however, is less crowded than the others; it measures 850 m long and 40 m wide. Behind the Playa de Matagorda, the Avenida de Las Playas deviates from the coast and is replaced by an accessible promenade only for pedestrians and cyclists.

Practical informationPractical information

Tourist OfficeTourism office
The office of the Tourist Office is located on the Avenida de Las Playas at the end of the Playa Grande.

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 21 pm; Saturday until 13 pm.

Phone: 00 34 928 513 351

Site on the Web:

MeteorologyWeather and forecasts
PolicePoliceGendarmerieGendarmerieMedical CenterMedical Center
Emergency number of the National Police: 091

Emergency number of the Municipal Police (Policía Local): 092 or 00 34928834101

Position of the Guardia Civil

Address: Calle Manguia, 4; behind the post office in northern roundabout of the Avenida Juan Carlos I.

Phone: 00 34 928 516 111

Health Centre (Centro de Salud)

Address: Avenida de las Playas, 37

Phone: 00 34 928 512 711

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 20 pm; Saturday from 11 am to 13 pm.

BusBus linesCoachCoaches
The bus line # 2 connects Arrecife to Puerto del Carmen 0 h 20 h from 30 to 22, every 20 minutes during the day and evening. Price: about 1.80 €.

The lines # 24 and # 25 connects Arrecife to Puerto Calero, with several stops in Puerto del Carmen.

Detailed plans and schedules of bus lines:

The shipping company Fred Olsen offers free buses - for customers of its ferries - between Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca (ferry to Corralejo in Fuerteventura).

The bus schedule is in correspondence with those ferries: departures from Puerto del Carmen (Shopping center Biosfera) about a half hour before departure of the ferry; departures Playa Blanca arriving ferries.

Phone: 00 34 902 100 107

Site on the Web:

Puerto del Carmen offers very favorable conditions for scuba diving, with temperatures ranging between 19 °C in winter and 23 °C in summer, and the clear waters that allow visibility from 25 m to 30 m.
Safari DivingCanary Island DiversManta Diving
Address: Playa de la Barrilla, 4; between the port and the Playa Chica.

Phone: 00 34 928 511 992

Site on the Web:

Address: Calle Alemania, 1

Phone: 00 34 928 515 467

Site on the Web:

Address: Calle Juan Carlos I, 6

Phone: 00 34 928 516 815

Site on the Web:

Sea excursionSea excursionSport fishing
Since Puerto del Carmen, the glass bottom catamaran Princesa Ico makes trips between the islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and the island of Los Lobos.

Price: about 46 € for the day, lunch included. Reservations required.

Address: Calle Teide, 8, Local D

Phone: 00 34 928 514 322

Site on the Web:

Club de Pesca "The Tiñosa"

Address: Puerto de La Tiñosa

Phone: 00 34 691 443 922

Paracraft Lanzarote offers parachute turns upward (€ 50 for 10 minutes) towed by a speedboat, as well as jet skiing (200 € for 2 hours). Rental scooters (50 € for 20 minutes).

Address: Paseo de la Barrilla (behind Playa Chica).

Phone: 00 34 928 512 661

Site on the Web:

Recreation ParkAmusement park
The Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park offers different attractions for children vaguely inspired by the American West, including animal shows (birds of prey, sea lions, parrots etc), animal exhibitions (reptiles etc), pony-back excursions but also a gold mine.

Hours: 9 am to 17 pm 30 30.

Address: Alcalde Cabrera Torres, s/n

Phone: 00 34 928 516 897

Site on the Web:

CyclingCyclingHikingHikingGame of bowls
bike rental.

Address: Centro Comercial Marítimo, Avenida de Las Playas, 25; first floor.

Phone: 00 34 928 510 612; mobile phone: 00 34 629 990 755

Site on the Web:

Canary Trekking organizes treks on the island of Lanzarote.

Phone: 00 34 609 537 684

Site on the Web:

Two golf balls are next to the Plaza del Varadero. The bola canaria is played with wooden balls of red or green, slightly larger than the metal balls of Provençal bowls. The jack is also bigger. The gameplay is very similar: to place his ball closest to the jack away or those of opponents.
Puerto del Carmen has the only casino in Lanzarote, with slot machines, game room, restaurant and bar.

Hours: slot machines, 10 am to 4 am; game room, 19 am to 4 am; restaurant from 19 pm to 3 am.

Address: Avenida de las Playas, 12; the Casino of Lanzarote is located on the headland that separates Playa Grande in Playa de Los Pocillos.

Entry fee: € 3 for a day.

Phone: 00 34 928 515 000

Site on the Web:

Puerto del Carmen can accommodate about 30,000 guests; the resort has more than 200 hotels, apartment hotels or complex of bungalows, most with private pools, sometimes with entertainment.
Hotel Los Fariones
Hotel Los Fariones is the first hotel built in Puerto del Carmen, in 1966; he was able to occupy the best location, at the beginning of the beach of Playa Grande, but near the old fishing village. This is a 4 star hotel of 248 elegant and comfortable rooms but a little old; beautiful tropical palm garden with direct access to the beach of Los Fariones. Many sports facilities: swimming pool, sauna, fitness, tennis, squash, mini golf ...; dive center Safari Diving right next.

Sample prices: double room with breakfast at 120 € per night.

Address: Calle Roque del Este, 1

Phone: 00 34 928 510 175

Site on the Web:

The hotel group Fariones has another institution, newer, adjacent to the hotel Los Fariones: the Suite Hotel Fariones Playa.

Hotel Los Jameos Playa
Hotel Los Jameos Playa, German hotel group Seaside is located on the Avenida de Las Playas, between the beach of Los Pocillos and the beach Matagorda. Built in the early 2000s, this 4-star hotel features traditional Canarian architecture style, with wooden balconies, wooden beams and terracotta floors in the public areas; large windows overlook a lush garden of palm trees. The 530 rooms are bright and warmly furnished with wooden furniture and parquet flooring. The subtropical garden of 5.5 hectares has several pools; a private road leads to the beach of Los Pocillos.

Price example: Double room with breakfast at 142 € per night.

Address: Calle Marte, 2

Phone: 00 34 928 511 717

Site on the Web:

Hotel San Antonio
Hotel San Antonio, Vik hotel group, is a 4 star hotel, built in 1972, 331 rooms. The hotel is located in front of the beach of Los Pocillos and features a beautiful subtropical garden with saltwater pools and freshwater. Animation, tennis, physical fitness room, sauna with panoramic window overlooking the gardens.

Price example: double room with breakfast at 115 € per night.

Address: Avenida de las Playas, 84

Phone: 00 34 902 160 630

Site on the Web:

AparthotelVacation Rentals
Aparthotel Costa Mar
The Costa Mar is a 3 star aparthotel situated behind the Playa de Los Pocillos, just 200 meters from the beach. It offers 180 apartments with one or two bedrooms.

About 50 € per day with breakfast.

Address: Urbanización Costa Mar, Playa de Los Pocillos s/n

Phone: 00 34 928 510 410

Site on the Web:

He said that Puerto del Carmen to have over 200 restaurants and at least half of these restaurants are located on the Avenida de Las Playas. With some exceptions, such as restaurant Terraza Playa, the restaurants located on the avenue are quite poor, with the “fish and chips”, which is the delight of vacationers English, German sauerkraut, Indian or Chinese cuisine. To find better restaurants must head towards the old fishing district of La Tiñosa, where we find the Canarian and Spanish cuisine restaurants, especially seafood restaurants. As these institutions are highly sought after, it is best to arrive early for a chance to find a place with views of the harbor and avoid the cacophony mixture where English, German and Spanish.
Restaurant Terraza Playa
Located a little away from the Avenida de Las Playas, on the promontory that separates Playa Grande in Playa de Los Pocillos, the restaurant Terraza Playa has a quiet terrace, decorated with mosaics, which offers a splendid view the beaches and to the island of Fuerteventura. Good selection of meat and fish, and reasonable prices.

Address: Avenida de Las Playas, 28. By taking the path on the left side of the restaurant the cove can be reached and the beach of Peña Grande.

Phone: 00 34 928 515 417

Restaurant Casa Roja
The restaurant Casa Roja is housed in an old wooden warehouse, built in 1850, which were penned animals exported or imported through the port of La Tiñosa: mainly chickens, goats and camels. The warehouse painted in red brick - hence its name - became a Canarian cuisine restaurant. At the entrance you can see an aquarium where fish and shellfish, which are on the menu, wait for their plight.

Hours: 12 am to 24 pm.

Address: Avenida Varadero s/n, opposite the port.

Phone: 00 34 928 515 866

Site on the Web:

Restaurant La Lonja
The restaurant La Lonja (“La Loge”) is installed in the cultural center El Fondeadero (“The Anchorage”) which also houses a public library, an auditorium, a business school for restaurant and a fish. La Lonja is a restaurant with bar tapas, enjoyed indigenous, with a variety of fish from the nearby fish market.

Hours: daily, 20 am to midnight.

Address: Calle El Varadero, 5; in front of the Church of Our Lady of Carmel.

Phone: 00 34 928 511 377

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