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The town of Neum

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Escutcheon of the town of Neum. Click to enlarge the image.. Click to enlarge the image.Neum is the only coastal town of Bosnia and Herzegovina: it counts 24.5 km of coasts on the Adriatic Sea.

The seaside resort of Neum is of limited interest, but its back-country has an archaeological last rich person and a made intact wild nature small valleys and plates with the typically Mediterranean vegetation.

Neum; into Serb Cyrillic: Неум; in Latin: Neum; in Greek: Νέον, Neon.


Situation of the town of Neum. Click to enlarge the image.Neum is located on the Adriatic Sea in a small sheltered bay of the winds by the peninsula of Pelješac which is part of Croatia.

The municipality of Neum cuts Croatia in two noncontiguous parts: the city is located at 30 kilometers in south-east of Ploče and Metković, and with 170 km of Split in Dalmatie of north; it is with 65 kilometers in the North-West of Dubrovnik in Dalmatie of the south.

Neum is with 70 kilometers of Mostar, the capital city of Herzegovina. However, the only important road which crosses Neum being the Croatian trunk road (Magistrala) which skirts the Dalmatian coast, it is necessary, since Neum, to cross the border with Croatia and to go up to it near valley to Neretva to reach Mostar.


Bay of Neum. Click to enlarge the image.Bay of Neum. Click to enlarge the image.Bay of Neum. Click to enlarge the image.

History and traditionsHistory, literature, arts, traditions, legends, religions, myths, symbols…

The enclave of Neum in the territory of Croatia is a historico-geographical strangeness:
  • in 1399, the Republic of Raguse bought in Zachloumie the territory of Neum, which was added to the territories that the city had.
  • in 1699, after the Turkish Great War, Raguse gave up the control of the area of Neum-Klek to the Ottoman Empire by the treaty of Karlowitz. That gave to the Turks access to the Adriatic Sea, and also the collection of customs duties, but that ensured Raguse a protection against the ambitions of the Republic of Venice which had part of Dalmatie in north.
  • Neum remained under the control of the Ottoman Empire during 179 years, until 1878, when Bosnia-Herzegovina passed to the Empire Austro-Hungarian.
  • Neum joined then the Kingdom of Serb, Croatian and Slovenien, then the Yugoslav republic.
  • since 1992, Neum is part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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