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The village of Portocolom, or Porto Colom, in Majorca

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General presentationGeneral presentation
Portocolom is a fishing port on the south-eastern coast of Mallorca who knows a lot more moderate than the resorts of tourism development Porto Cristo to the north, and Cala d’Or further south.

The town has a population of about 4000 inhabitants, Portocolom is part of the municipality of Felanitx and it was in the nineteenth century the export of wine production in the region of Felanitx port.

EtymologyEtymology and toponymy
Portocolom, often written Porto Colom ("Port Columbus"), contends - as some other cities of the Old World - be the birthplace of the navigator Christopher Columbus (Cristòfor Colom in Catalan Spanish), discoverer of America.

For the people of Felanitx, the felanitxers, Portocolom is simply "Es Port" (the Port).


The village of Porto Colom in Mallorca - Porto Colom seen from the Puig de Sant Salvador. Click to enlarge the image.Portocolom is located on the coastal strip bounded by the southern part of the Serra de Llevant and the east coast of County Migjorn, the region south-east of Mallorca. The port of Portocolom is visible from the peaks of the Serra de Llevant as Puig de Sant Salvador, crowned by the sanctuary, and the Puig de Santueri, with its medieval castle whose role was to protect this part of the coast.

On this same coastline, we find about 20 km north of Portocolom, Station Porto Cristo, and 11 km south, very fashionable resort of Cala d’Or. The capital, Palma, and its international airport of Son Sant Joan, located about 65 km to the west, but there should be an hour and a half to two hours drive to Portocolom. From Palma you have to take the road to Ma-19 Campos and the Ma-5120 to Felanitx, and finally the Ma-4010.


The old town of Portocolom, considered one of the best preserved Palma is around the harbor, it is already mentioned in the thirteenth century. It is the parish church dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Mare de Déu del Carme) church, located on the Plaça de Sant Jaume, dates from the late nineteenth century and was built in neo-Gothic style. Our Lady of Mount Carmel is celebrated on July 16. It is in the old district of Sa Capella wines that were stored Felanitx, before being exported to mainland Spain and France.

The rest of the village is without much charm: a mixture of residential, built haphazardly and large villas bordering the shady streets, serving as a summer residence for locals. South of the city, around the cove of Cala Marçal, has more recently developed a tourist urbanization.

PortThe Port of Portocolom
The village of Porto Colom in Mallorca - The Lighthouse (author Kai Alpers). Click to enlarge the image.Portocolom has one of the best natural harbors on the island of Majorca, and was long a fishing port, as evidenced by the building of the Llotja (the Lodge) was the auction of fishermen and colorful hangars housed the llaüts these boats typical Majorcan fishing at the north end of the platform you can see houses equally colorful fishermen.

The village of Porto Colom in Majorca - The fishing port (author Sigismund von Dobschütz). Click to enlarge the image.Until the late nineteenth century, the port prospered in Felanitx wine exports to the Spanish peninsula and to the port of Sète in the Languedoc French. In 1891, the implementation by France of a restrictive customs policy, in conjunction with the appearance of phylloxera ruined this activity, and the port came to his vocation of fishing port. Portocolom is still one of the most important fishing ports of the island, but the traffic of pleasure boats gaining importance. The marina is located south of the fishing port.

The port of Portocolom is nevertheless a haven of peace and tranquility, where it is nice to stop at a sidewalk cafe or restaurant, observing the movement of the boats entering and leaving the bay.

The Portocolom Bay is closed to the north-east of Punta de ses Crestes (Point of the Crests) where stands since 1863, the flagship of Portocolom, broad features blue and white stripes.

BeachThe beaches of PortocolomMeteorologyWeather forecast
The village of Porto Colom in Mallorca - A beach (author Sigismund von Dobschütz). Click to enlarge the image.South of the village is the beautiful cove of Cala Marçal, farther trails achieve walk half a dozen coves, to Cala Ferrera. In the north, there Cala S’Arenal, which is the preferred beach locals and Cala s’Algar.

InformationPractical Information

General informationGeneral information
Tourist officeThe Tourist Office
Address: Avinguda de Cala Marçal, 15

Phone: 00 34 971 826 084

Hotel and Diving Center Bahia Azul
Family hotel with 15 rooms for lovers diving.

Prices: 35 € per person, including breakfast.

Address: Ronda Crucero Balear, 78 - Portocolom. 7 minutes walk from the beach of Cala Marçal.

Phone: 00 34 971 825 280


Diving lessons and equipment hire.

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