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The town of Aït Ben Haddou

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General presentationGeneral information
Aït Ben Haddou is presented in the form of a set of ground buildings surrounded by walls, the ksar which is a kind of traditional habitat présaharien. The houses gather inside its defensive walls reinforced by turns of angle. Aït Ben Haddou is an striking example of the architecture of the traditional Moroccan south.

All around this douar a set of villages gathers. All were attracted by a river which crosses a valley. The inhabitants of these douars are for most Berber wandering in the past who then chose sedentariness for various reasons.

Aït Ben Haddou, in Arabic: آيتبنحدّو).


Aït Ben Haddou is a commune located in the province of Ouarzazate.


The ksar of Aït Ben Haddou is registered on the list of the world heritage of UNESCO since 1987 and several films were made in this ksar.
ksar. Click to enlarge the image.ksar. Click to enlarge the image.../img/small/ville of has Ben haddou 003 small.jpg. Click to enlarge the image.
../img/small/ville of has Ben haddou 004 small.jpg. Click to enlarge the image.../img/small/ville of has Ben haddou 005 small.jpg. Click to enlarge the image.../img/small/ville of has Ben haddou 006 small.jpg. Click to enlarge the image.

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