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The village of Santa

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The houses of Santa, with the curious roofs drawing of great red and white checkerworks, are dispersed in the countryside of the cultivated plate.

This area, exposed to the winds of west, is all the more wet as it presents a high frontage where the clouds cling: the vegetation is dense there.

Santa is the shortened name of Santa Maria Madalena.


Miradouro da Santa
. Click to enlarge the image.While leaving Oporto Moniz by the road which goes up in spiral until Santa, one can stop with the view-point of Santa to appreciate the panorama embracing the natural swimming pools to the small island Mole (ilhéu Mole).

The view-point offers views from above on Oporto Moniz, of which the borough blottit with mid--slope around its church, among the curious checkerworks of the small enclosed fields of brooms (to protect the cultures from the salted winds), which touch almost the black rocks on which the waves break; beyond, the sea forms a fringe of scum on the shelves.

Capela de Santa Maria Madalena
The vault Sainte Marie Madeleine is a flanked white vault of a curious rather short bell-tower resembling a white minaret, like much of those of the rural churches of Madeira.

Since the apse of the church, but also since the road which one follows after the crossing of the village, view from above on Bridged do Tristão.

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