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The village of Risan

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General presentationGeneral information
Risan is a small port of bay of Kotor.
Risan was known in antiquity under the name of Rhizon (Ρίζων) as of 229 before J. - C., and it was the capital of the Teuta queen. She then gave a time her name to the Mouths of Kotor, known under the name of Sinus Rhizonicus.

Into Serb or Cyrillic Montenegrin, his name is written Рисан.

Its Italian name under the Venetian domination was Risano.


Risan seen since the Orjen mount. Click to enlarge the image.Risan is located in the part of the bay of Kotor furthest away from the Adriatic coast, at the bottom of steep slopes of the Orjen mount.

History and traditionsHistory, literature, arts, traditions, legends, religions, myths, symbols…

Rhizon, current Risan, was a city founded at the 3rd century before J. - C. by tribes illyriennes. It thrived under the reign of the Teuta queen.

She fell under the Roman influence into 168 before J. - C., at the same time as Kotor. The Romans named it Risinium.

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