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Tower Naillac Rhodes

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The ruins of the Tower of Naillac Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.


On the left, turn Naillac Rhodes 1490. Click to enlarge the image. Naillac Tower (Pyrgos Naillac), formerly known as Tower St. Michael, which no longer exists today, was built by Grand Master Philibert de Naillac before the development of artillery guns, and adopted the square well medieval fortifications.


Naillac tower was an imposing building 46 m high, much higher than the other towers of the enclosure. The four corners of the terrace, there were four small turrets round, and in the middle of the platform stood another round, octagonal and smaller.
Tower Naillac Rhodes (engraving). Click to enlarge the image.Naillac Tower in Rhodes - Burning Turner 1830. Click to enlarge the image.Naillac Tower in Rhodes - Photography Lucien Roy around 1911. Click to enlarge the image.
Naillac tower, overlooking the port of Rhodes was severely cracked and shaken by two earthquakes in the nineteenth century, the second in October 1856, and was perhaps destroyed because it threatened to collapse on ships in the harbor .

You can still see the bridge leading to the tower and walls built around by Pierre d’Aubusson .

Remains of tower Naillac Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.Situation in the former Tower Naillac Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.Ruins of the walls of the tower Naillac Rhodes. Click to enlarge the image.

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