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The transliteration of the Greek alphabet in Latin alphabet

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- Greek.theatScientificBeta CodeBGN / PCGNUN / ELOTGreeklish
Ancient GreekModern Greek
β{0}b.{/0} {1}              {/1}{0}b.{/0} {1}              {/1}Bv. v. b, c
γggGg, ygg, y
δofofDdh, dofd, dh
ζzz dzZzzz, s
ηe)ēHi.i.h, i, n
κck)K.k)k)k, c
νSum_Sign (from i-1 to n)Sum_Sign (from i-1 to n)ZoomSum_Sign (from i-1 to n)Sum_Sign (from i-1 to n)n, v
ξXXCXXks, x
πppPppp, n
ρr, rhr, rhR1st.1st.r, p
σ ς(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)
τttTttt, 7
υthereuUi.therey, u, i
φpHpHFf)f)f, ph
χchchXkhchch, x, h
ψpspsYpspsps, there
Combinations of vowels
αιae, eIAIe)II, e
αυtotoTOaav, afay, at, af, av
ειi.eiEIi.eiei, i
ευEUEUEUevev, efey, eu, ef, ev
ηυEUhadHU{0}IV.{/0}{1}          {/1}iv, ifhy, hu, if iv
οιow eoiOIi.oioi, i
ουuorORuoror, u, oy
υιUIUIUIi.yiyi, gi, i
Combinations of consonants
γγngngDCngnggg, gk, ng
γξnxnxCEnxnxgks, gx
γκNCnkGKg, nggkgk
γχnchnchGXNKHnchnx, nch
μπmpmpMPb mbb, mpmp, b mb
ντNTNTNTd, ndNTs, d, n
In modern Greek, the system that is closest to the Greek pronunciation is "BGN / PCGN."

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